that’s mr master watson to you

May 6, 2012

the other night i was talking to chris about something. i was asking him if working at the department was at all like high school with a cool clique, nerds, and the like. i was just trying to get a feel for his job. then chris says to me: “sorry babe. i stopped listening about 8 minutes ago.”

other than his inability to get on board with my random pointless jibberjabber late at night, my husband is perfect and awesome.

to add to his awesomeness- he got his masters yesterday. barb, jerry, robert, and our friend charles, went to his convocation last night. it was so great!

here’s his name in the program:

that’s as close as it gets to being Facebook-Official. i will post it on facebook soon to make it officially official…

here he is walking down the hallway, away from his ceremony, even though it was not over. in fact, they may still be calling people’s names as we speak:

it was a beautiful ceremony and i could not be prouder of my hubby. he worked hard and somehow managed to graduate with his masters in 2 years. i continue to take subpar pictures, and it didn’t help that i was sitting REALLY far from the stage.
here are some more random pictures from chris’ ceremony so that he can remember the magic of the day for years to come:

this guy announced chris’ name:

here are chris’ faithful supporters, all staying entertained via their smartphones:

chris graduated from the college of public programs, as you can see from the picture below:

then we partied! quatro de mayo style at our fave mexican restaurant- Abuelos.
here we are with barb and jerry, robert and lindsay, charles and grace, and wes and kim. great time had by all 🙂

so, my husband is fantastic. he is a hard working fool! how he managed to knock me up, move to a new house, have a wife who had a baby (again- he did not birth mia. that was all me folks), work well over 40 hours a week, have a great relationship with his family, and get his masters is beyond me. seriously beyond, far, far, far, beyond me. congratulations chris wastson! you are a piece of work! a Masterpiece in fact.



that’s mr master watson to you


  1. we are so proud and super impressed with you chris. back when you said you would be the 1st to get your masters out of all of us, myself not included, i doubted. but now– Hats off to you!!

  2. Christin says:

    I can't believe I'm reading this post! Yay! Yay for you both that it's over! So proud of you Chris!

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