Ostrich Festival

March 16, 2010

this weekend was the ostrich festival in chandler. i think back in the day, chandler used to be an ostrich hotspot. so to commemorate the past, the city puts up a fair where there are regular old scary fair rides, a petting zoo, pig races, and even ostrich races. we decided to go saturday afternoon which was a bit of a mistake. we had evening plans so we weren’t going to be at the festival for very long. but parking and waiting in lines took way longer than we anticipated, so we actually didn’t get to see any animals at all! except for the ostrich’s and camels that we drove past on our way out. the kids were actually both too short for all the kid’s rides, but they got to go on a few of them cause they were accompanied by a parent. there were good things and bad things about the festival, but all in all, we had a great time as a family.

here are some good and bad pictures from our hour and a half at the festival:

topher and his mama

chris and lily

chris and lily on these swings that spin around. lily loved it! she was a bit too short to go on the ride, but they let her anyway, since she was accompanied by her dad, who happened to be wearing these shoes:

(i’m no photographer! and i was holding a very sad and squirmy topher while i took this terrible shot.)

topher on one of the few rides he could actually go on! choo choo training it up with his dad

one of the biggest reasons to not go to the ostrich festival, or other big public fairs- outhouses! portajohns! whatever you want to call them. yucky germ-infested stalls


Ostrich Festival


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