One Day at a Time

September 3, 2009

I meant to write yesterday. I really should have written yesterday. I was absolutely hysterical and stressed and sleep-deprived yesterday. All those reasons contributed to my not writing yesterday. But today was a new day and ever so different than yesterday- and Praise Jesus for that!

I am presently at Chris’ dad’s place. We have been living here since Monday evening. Monday was not the best day either. But it was better than yesterday. Monday we tried to ‘finish’ packing (it’s Wednesday, we are still not ‘finished’ packing.) Then Robert and Chris proceeded to move all of our boxed stuff, and furniture to Barb & Jerry’s garage, and Wes & Kim’s house. We fortunately did not have a lot of furniture, so this made the move bearable. But I give serious props to Chris and his brother for moving in triple-digit weather. The kids and I hung out at Robert & Lindsay’s all day, which was tons of fun. Even though Lily did not nap. I tried to put her down for a nap, but she is not very good at sleeping in different places. She used to be good at it when I made her sleep in her car seat when I would hang out with my friends at night. Oh the good old days! But once Topher entered the world, it was sleep at our house or bust. No game nights for us unless they were hosted by us. Anyhoo, I did not mind that she didn’t nap, and I had a great time hanging out with her, Lindsay, and my nephews. Lindsay even got to go grocery shopping alone while the boys napped and I hung out with Lily. I felt very happy to be able to bless my sister-in-law with that gift, cause grocery shopping alone is a SERIOUS gift that you don’t appreciate until you can’t do it any more.

So Monday night I put the kids down, with Lily screaming and crying for about 20-30 minutes, then when Chris got home from school (yes, he is taking a night class, and two online classes. He is CRAZY!!!!) I went to our house to ‘finish’ packing up… Needless to say- that did not happen. Once I got there, I called Chris and he dropped a bomb on me: the renters that were supposed to move into our house on Friday were not going to move in. Ever. BOO!!!! So I sat around, felt sorry for myself, then packed. Very, very slowly. Not motivated at all. This sucked cause the next day Chris was going to haul all the rest of our stuff to Wes’ house, plus run a few other errands while he had the trailer and truck that we had borrowed. I went back to the house in the morning, with the kids, to ‘finish’ packing. Topher broke a light fixture, his second piece of glass that he broke in two days, and we decided Chris would be better off packing by himself. So I went home with the kids to put them down for their naps. Topher would cry every time I put him down too, but only for a few minutes. And he’s still in a pack and play, so he is not likely to break free like his sister. Lily on the other hand screamed and banged on the door for about 45 minutes. I sat on the ground holding the doorknob on the other side for about 20 of those minutes. Those 20 minutes really, really sucked. The other 25 also sucked, but at least I was being productive. Lily finally realized that she was not actually locked in anymore, so she broke out.

So as much as my day was sucking, Chris’ was sucking too. Tuesday is a busy day for anyone who has a real job. So Chris packed up the trailer and unloaded it by himself. Until he got called into work. Oh criminals are always ruining the day for someone! So Chris had to hustle back to our house, leave the borrowed truck and trailer, grab his work car, go to Scottsdale, arrest this guy, miss out on family fun time, come home, eat dinner, go sell a couch that we had posted on Craigslist that was at our other house, come home, finish his dinner, and finally go to bed. Barb got caught up in the horribleness that was our day too, and that just really really sucked too.

I had an evening and night full of crying and hysteria. Most of it coming from me, some of it coming from the kids. I could blame it on stress, I could blame it on tiredness, I could blame it on so hormones, but I will just say that I have a season pass to Crazyville and sometimes my kids drive me there, but I often manage to get there on my own well enough too.



One Day at a Time


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