one chicken. three meals.

February 2, 2011

mondays are busy days in the watson house. i go to work, and chris stays home with the kids. it’s awesome. but monday nights we have our small group bible study which means once i get home, things are moving at a frantic pace. dinner needs to be made, eaten, dishes thrown in the general vicinity of the sink (yeah for plastic plates) and then we are out the door again.

i managed to run to costco really quickly between work and going home, and i grabbed a rotisserie chicken, among other things. so that was our dinner. already cooked chicken. perfect. paired with alread-made mashed potatoes, it was a perfect and cheap and quick meal (less than $10. although if i had gotten a bag of spinach, throwing some of that chicken on some spinach with some ranch dressing is another perfect-cheap-quick meal that i love).

we had a lot of leftovers cause chris had a late lunch. which was perfect. so today i took a bunch of meat off the carcass and put it into tupperware for future sandwiches- either straight up(that’s what’s in the tupperware on the left side of the pic.) or in the form of chicken salad (which means i will just chop the chicken, add some mayo, salt, pepper, and maybe some diced apples.)

then i boiled the carcass down in a pot with about two cups of water, some minced garlic, some garlic salt (i heart garlic), and some salt and pepper. there was still some skin on the chicken which added another layer of wonderful flavor, and after about twenty minutes or so, i had the best tasting chicken broth in the world. (did i over-sell that? it’s pictured in the tupperware on the right side of the pic.) i have some carrots and leftover noodles in the fridge. i will probably boil that in the broth to make some yummy soup. wish i had more leftover vegetables in the fridge…

so, there you have it. one rotisserie chicken- three meals. one dinner, two lunches. all for $5. thank you costco. thank you.


one chicken. three meals.


  1. funny! i just a rot. chicken last night and made the broth today. i use this recipe's yummy and makes tons of broth that i freeze. i guess you dont need recipes like i do in order to make things edible. ha

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