Oh My Glee

May 18, 2010

chris has officially graduated from the northern arizona university with his bachelor’s of science! congratulations chris! and he did it with a 3.9 gpa. or something ludacris like that. i am beyond proud of my nerdy, yet studly, husband. and my graduation gift to him was a trip to dodge theater to check out the GLEE concert. and it was A.W.E.S.O.M.E!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

chris and i occassionally get some flack for LOVING this show. here’s the thing- we aren’t trying to model our lives after the characters on this show. we don’t encourage people to watch it because we think it will make some huge impact on their lives. we watch it cause it is entertaining. that’s it. it fulfills us comedically and musically. (that may not have been a proper sentence. feel free to correct lainey!)

anyway, we got our tickets on StubHub, which is ebay’s place to buy concert tickets. that was great. they have much cheaper processing fees than ticketmaster. or at least the tickets i bought did. i bought them two weeks ago, which is a good thing, cause the show looked completely sold out. and we went to the sunday matinee. i can only imagine the saturday night show, which was actually the FIRST night of their tour, was extra bumpin.

the opening act was a group of dancers called LXD:the league of extraordinary dancers. they were pretty awesome. chris and i are very fond of the art of dance, so we were fully entertained. one of the guys from Glee, ‘other asian’, or mike (i think that’s his name), is actually part of that group, so it was interesting to watch him in that as well. the intermission between the opening act and the main show took 30 minutes. that was beyond annoying, as well as the sweaty woman beside me who smelled of sweat and cats, or maybe sweaty cats, but other than that, our time at 400 w. washington was so great.

so the show started and i cannot for the life of me remember what song they started with. you would think it would be ‘don’t stop believin’, but i really can’t remember if it was. they performed quite a few numbers from last season as well as this season. they even threw in a little taste of the future- a song from an episode that hasn’t even aired yet! all i will say is that it featured our favorite character- kurt, and all the ladies.

i am really really really hoping that none of the performances were lip-synched. it all looked pretty legit. and the korean-born actress, jenna ushkowitz, who plays tina, was a little off pitch when she sang her song, and i couldn’t have been happier cause it made it real. lea michelle, who is the star of the show, is the cutest, most talented little singer i have ever seen on stage. she was incredible. as was amber riley, who plays mercedes. apparently amber tried out for american idol a bunch of seasons ago, and didn’t make it on to the show. that’s craziness. this girl can SING. if she had tried out this season, she would have won the whole thing in vegas week i think. and one could only have hoped that they would have crowned her and not even bothered with the rest of this horrid season. but alas, none of those things happened, this season is still happening, and i could not be less amused by the whole thing.

all of the main singers got a solo, including puck, who sang ‘sweet caroline’, and asked the whole theater to join him karaoke style, whenceforth a huge screen dropped down with the lyrics. pretty great. the best part was when chris leaned over to whisper to me: “i miss karah”, which is awesome cause i was just thinking the same thing! karah is a wonderful friend of ours, who celebrated her 30th birthday at a karaoke bar, and serenaded us with a very energetic version of this song. she now lives in north carolina with her family, who we also miss dearly. but every time we hear this song, we think of our friend. we miss you karah.

anyway, the show was an hour long (kinda short in the grand scheme of things) but it was an hour that was JAM PACKED with great music and serious entertainment. every single member of the cast delivered incredible performances, which just made us fall in love with them, and this crazy show, all the more. corey montieth (finn) was as adorable as ever, and even played the drums for one of the songs. i continue to love his voice, even though before this show, he never considered himself a singer. brittany (i don’t know her real name) was hilarious, and proved to be an awesome dancer as well. and chris colfer, kurt, was so sparkly and spectacular. we love him.

if you get a chance to see them on tour- take the opportunity and do it! it was probably the most entertaining hour of our lives! (that we had to pay for… that sounds wrong…) the show ended with some serious pyrotechnics and paper bits being blown into the air from two paper-bits-blowing machines on the sides of the stage. chris (watson, not colfer) made the comment that he felt that there was nothing wrong with blazing fire and blowing paper in a room full of hundreds of people. we left immediately. great time had by all. thank you glee, for everything. even if we had died there in that theater, we would have died with some great music and love in our hearts.



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