Ode To CJW. Part I

February 14, 2009

The other day ago, Jeehon’s friends came over to take her and James to a movie. We sat around the table eating cheesecake before they left and we just exchanged ridiculous story after ridiculous story from our marriages. Chris and I had the most (as in most ridiculous, and most in number) and I would like to share those stories with you all over the next couple posts so you can appreicate what an insane and amazing man I am married to:

Today is Valentines Day. Not really a big deal in our household. Mostly because I never really get to spend it with my honey bunny. This is our fourth one together as a married couple, and is maybe our sixth (seventh? I can’t remember with the breakup and all) one ‘together’ in our lifetime, but it’s only the third one when we’ve been in the same city, let alone on the same continent.

Two years ago, Chris and his brother Robert thought it would be a great idea to go Javelina hunting together for three days. Of course one of those days happened to be on Valentines day. Those boys are so special. Not only did they vex their wives by ditching them, but they also came home javelina-less (which did not vex their wives at all. Especially me, since had they caught one they would have brought the dead carcass in my Jeep.) But, Chris came through in a huge way cause he sent a dozen red tulips to the office, and took me out for dinner when he got back on the 15th, which was perfect for me since we got to go out and eat and not wait in line for an hour or two.

Today Chris is working, but at least I got to see him this morning and will see him much later tonight. He bought Lily a little Valentine (I took care of the Tophmeister) and Chris bought me a big ol’ box of chocolate even though he wasn’t “supposed to” (of course he’s supposed to!) Oh how I love my dirty-ugly-pig hunting, sweet and thoughtful father-to-my-children husband.



Ode To CJW. Part I


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