october fails. november’s wins

November 12, 2013

So! it’s been almost a whole month since I last posted. October was full of failures- writing two blog posts, keeping the house clean, not eating too much candy, taking a good picture of all my kids in their Halloween costumes, etc, etc.

but alas, none of those were earth shattering events, so we move on. this was a very busy week in the Watson household. as many of you know, and were even counting down with me, maurice’s time in our family expired. November 8th was the big day, but I wasn’t as excited as many people thought I would be. why? cause I know something else was coming. and that something else is named Sven:

look how svelte that bad boy is! sure you can kinda-almost see the contour of my ruggedly handsome husband’s face. but not enough! the kids do not like sven very much. but Sunha does!
she’s such a sweet girl- loving her uncle no matter what is living on his face.
then we drove to san diego. again. for a quick 43 hour visit. we left Friday night after school, got stuck in some terrible traffic, and got to the Malloy’s house by 11:00pm. which is terrible since we even gained an hour when we got there, so our trip took about 7 hours! and we didn’t even stop to eat a meal or anything. that was painful.
then Saturday we had a birthday extravaganza for our precious little Mia. I ‘made’ a cake for her, as in I made a Team UmiZoomi figure in fondant, and stuck it on a kinda plain cake that I bought for $8. it was so great not slaving away baking, and icing, and creating something amazing- when I had someone else do all that for me for almost the same price!
We went to Chuck E Cheeses which is my kids’ and Sungu’s favorite place.
More easy fun was had by all. Especially James and Chris:
it was her party so she cried when she wanted to

lily and topher on a pretend roller coaster



sunha trying to get more tickets!

cake time!

mid-happy birthday song relighting of the candles. mia got ahead of herself.

love that smile!!!!!!!!!

opening her presents

James, Chris and Sungu trying to get lots and lots of tickets.
AND THEN after that, we went to the beach!
man, the Malloys really know how to party. the boys set up a tent for the kids to play in, we had hot dogs, cup ramen, hot chocolate, marshmallows, and the best time ever!
so stinkin fun.
Mia passed out after Chuck E Cheese. Sugar coma or just tired? Hard to tell.

beautiful day to be at the beach!

I love my precious girl!

Mia loves her precious daddy! And he loves her.


Mia is loving her cup ramen 🙂
And believe it or not, all that happened before 7pm. Jeehon and I helped load the kids up and then we ran away to an outlet mall! it was so great! I didn’t buy anything but the fact that I was out childless was so fantastic!



october fails. november’s wins


  1. You Watsons have the BEST life! So happy to see your experiences together. Your kids are BLESSED!

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