nothing to fear but pee itself

April 8, 2010

topher is way awesomer than i give him credit for.

yesterday i got him a cute little bible at ross. it’s a boardbook, which is good cause he still isn’t the best with paper pages.anyhoo, he loves it. on the cover is a drawing of Jesus with a bunch of little kids. he started naming the people in the picture: “that’s toto. that’s mommy (a little girl holding ‘toto’s’ hand). that’s noona (an african american boy). that’s gu-gu hyung (meaning his cousin, who is 1/4 african american and 3/4 korean. he was pointing to the other two ethnic kids on the cover).” then i point to Jesus and ask him who that is. “grandpa” he says. and toto’s grandpa does happen to have long hair and a beard, and when we are at his house, he often has at least one kid on his lap at all times. even when he is eating. what a great compliment- to be mistaken for Jesus!

then this morning, as i was reading my bible, i told topher: “hey this is mommy’s bible. it’s just like your bible!” this excited him quite a bit. he grabbed his little bible and said: “my Jesus. (pointing to his bible) mommy’s Jesus. (pointing to my bible).” precious!

so anyhoo, i have bought a couple of boxes of Pull Ups in the last month since we’ve been back from Vegas. and with every box i think: “this is the last box of Pull Ups i am going to buy.” and then i don’t try to re-train topher to be potty trained. cause it’s so taxing! so much effort needs to be put forth- on my part! like when we are out and about, i have to intentionally stop at a public restroom and make him/wait for him to pee. whereas if he is wearing a Pull Up, i don’t care, and if lily doesn’t have to pee, then we will not stop in a public restroom. ever. so topher’s not being re-trained is my fault. as usual. so i decided to bite the bullet and throw him back into his undies. no matter how much extra laundry, carpet cleaning, public restroom visiting that would cause.
so he was in undies all day today. and it was awesome! he didn’t soil himself once! he wore a Pull Up to nap, but that’s totally acceptable in my books. i was so excited when we got to the end of the day and were changing into our jammies. i was telling topher how proud of him i was as i was getting lily ready for bed. and of course, topher peed on the carpet beside his bed.

oh well, it could have been poo, and it wasn’t. and he could have been peeing all over the place all day today, but he hadn’t. so all in all, it was a pretty great day.

as for lily, ahe is doing pretty great. she has her days when pooing is still a serious, and possibly painful chore, but she has woken up with a dry Pull Up 4 nights in a row! and only one of those nights did she wake me to take her to the potty!

as usual, i convince myself that things are going to be difficult, terrible, a disaster, or all three, and then my kids shock me and show me that they are awesome, able, and adorable little self-sufficient human beings. though not entirely self-sufficient. but that’s ok in my books.



nothing to fear but pee itself


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