not quite a walk through the park…

December 19, 2011

having 3 kids is not quite like a walk through the park. maybe more like a walk through the forest- most of the time i am on a well-traveled trail. but occassionally i get derailed and i am just staring at a bunch of trees. like last week when i found myself sitting on the couch and all three kids were crying at the same time. it only lasted a minute. and i actually started laughing because the whole thing was kind of ridiculous. but that was definitely a ‘derailed’ moment.

i just noticed that i only have 2 posts for december, and it’s already the 18th. i don’t know where time is going. i bought an InStyle magazine last week, and i am still only 3/4 of the way through it! i am trying to relish my moments with my mia as best i can because i definitely realize how quickly this baby phase passes. lily and topher have been so great at entertaining each other that i find i really do have a lot of time to spend with her. and mia, on the flip side of that, sleeps a lot still so i have time to hang out with lily and topher. we’ve done a ton of baking this week, and even managed to get in a reading lesson! we are working on words that end with ‘at’. there were many times when i felt like hitting myself with a bat, or wishing a fat rat would come in with a cat and slp my kids, but then i remembered my kids are 4 and 3, and that i haven’t done any schoolwork stuff with them since the end of september…

i heard the transition from 2-3 kids was going to be very tough. cause you go from a man-to-man defence to playing zone defence. but it’s not been that bad for me. i am no super-mom, my kids are just so much easier to handle right now. admittedly the transition from 0-1 kid was an adjustment. but not too terrible. the adjustment from 1-2 kids was- to be frank- an ass-kicker. i did not think i would ever recover from that! which is why mia came 3.5 years after topher. but what a blessing to have our mia in the mix. life is very good right now. very very good.

chris’ birthday is in an hour and 6 minutes. which means our anniversary is in the same amount of time. so crazy how much life has changed in just 6 short years. last night we went to Some Burros, a cheap mexican restaurant, with some good friends to celebrate chris’ birthday. all we did was eat, come back to our place for some ice cream pie and decaf coffee, and then everyone went to pick up their kids by about 9:30. and as people were leaving and hugging, everyone kept saying- “this was so fun!” we didn’t do anything! but it was so fun! it was so relaxing and quiet. man we are getting so old! but it’s so nice to get old with so many wonderful people by your side!

i had a really random ‘daydream’ today that i am going to share with you. chris told me i was a ‘warrior’ after i told him about it. that’s because he often runs scenarios in his head about what he would do if something terrible happened- like if a crazy person opened fire at church, or something like that. so my ‘daydream’ occured in payson, a town an hour north of us, and we were there celebrating chris’ cousin’s daughter’s birthday. and i got to thinking that if something terrible happened to us on our drive back down to the vally, like if we got caught in a storm, or crashed into the woods, that i could/would breastfeed my whole family to help us to survive. weird, eh? maybe i need more sleep.

mia is starting to stir, so i should go. but i will take this brief moment to wish my stunningly good looking husband a super-happy 32nd birthday, and a big ol’ happy 6th anniversary! thanks for sticking so close by my side these last 6 years- with all the size and hormone changes that have occured along the way. i love you so very very very very much christopher joel watson! you have matured and grown so much in just 6 years, which has caused my love and respect for you to do the same.

(dang! i just re-read this post. sounds like i have serious ADHD, or like i may be high on meth, or both. ah to be the mother of a newborn again!)



not quite a walk through the park…


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