not fun and very fun

March 14, 2012

here is mia sleeping. she is sick. AGAIN. she had an ear infection a bunch of weeks ago, and seemed to be getting better, and then she caught another cold and is all crazy congested and snot-filled and it is so sad and not fun. and then she had her 4-month well-check and got 4 different vaccines and ran a bit of a fever from that yesterday. this poor girl cannot catch a break! her 4 month stats are as follows:
head circumference: 16.25 inches (only 50th percentile. not sure she is really a watson.) weight: 14 lbs 9 oz (70th percentile). height: 25.25 inches (90th percentile. yes. she is a watson!) she is growing like a weed, but i hope her immune system develops a little bit faster.

saturday was a much funner day than yesterday. for me, it started with a manicure and pedicure with some of my favorite ladies- sarah (chris’ brother’s sister’s sister), my niece christina, barb, and lindsay. it was awesome hanging out with these wonderful women. the tie that binds (besides being related) is that we have all read ‘the hunger games’ and are all really looking forward to the movie (coming out in 10 days!). after being pampered we very appropriately ate at ‘Pita Jungle’ as no ‘Gale Jungle’s exist…

and then saturday night we dedicated our precious mia to the Lord at a sweet little service at our church. the extra fun thing about this dedication was that my friends erin, cindy, and cassie were all dedicating their sweet babes as well. it is so wonderful being surrounded by families who love Jesus and are trying to raise their kids to do the same. such a blessing! i have to admit, we did not attend the parent dedication class- cause i went to two of them already and they were virtually the exact same. so i decided to forego this last one. but then the service was kinda crazy cause lily and topher were kind of all over the place, so i missed what pastor dennis was saying. but the meaning behind the dedication service was that chris and i, as mia’s parents, were promising:
-to invest quality time and unconditional love to our sweet girl
-to assume the primary responsibility to teach mia the spiritual truths and values of Scripture
-to pray consistently for mia’s physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being
-to be good examples of the fruit of the Spirit of Christ.
(so glad they provided us with a folder and dvd of the child dedication service!)

here’s mia and her grandpa wes

here we are celebrating mia’s dedication with some delicious ‘chipotle’. very fun 😉



not fun and very fun


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