No Pain, No Gain

November 7, 2008

It’s been an interesting time of growth and development in the Mallotson house these days. Topher has been sleeping better for the most part, which is both good and bad for the both of us. Good cause we are getting more uninterrupted sleep. Bad because I think it has been messing up my breastmilk supply. I know that in all God’s wisdom he made women so amazing that their bodies just simply understand the economic principles of supply and demand. The more your baby eats, the more milk your body makes; the less your baby eats the less it makes. The only problem is that Topher is still wanting to eat like a champ during the days, but more often than not I feel unable to satiate the little guy.
Anyway, Topher seems to have taken it upon himself to get as much milk as he needs by sucking so hard that he now has blisters on his lips, and my milk-makers are supersore! No pain no gain, right?
Then the other day ago, I was vaccuuming the downstairs, and I had to unplug a lamp to get to a conveniently located outlet. Of course, after I was done, I forgot to replug the lamp. So, Lily being the helpful little girl that she is decided to try to do it herself. FORTUNATELY for all of us, nothing fatal or dramatic happened. But Chris was the first one to get to her and he gave her his stern-est ‘NO!’, and smacked her hand, AND put her in time out. Tears ensued. For both daughter and daddy. Ok. Chris didn’t cry. But he said he felt ‘sick to his stomach.’ Mostly because he had to hit his precious little girl, but also because he could see a tiny little red mark on her hand from where he had disciplined her. I told him he did a great job, because he did! It was an important lesson that she had to learn.
Chris got Lily some juice, and played and played and played with her upstairs. Jeehon asked me why the prune juice was out on the office desk, and I told her I didn’t take it out of the fridge. Then it occured to me that Chris must have given Lily prune juice. Lots and lots of prune juice. You know how you’re only supposed to give kids half juice, half water? Well, Chris’ mixture is usually more like 80% juice, 20% water. And you know how you are only supposed to put a splash of prune juice in with apple juice and water when your kid is clogged up? Imagine what happens when your not-clogged-up kid has 80% prune juice and 20% water. It ain’t pretty. So Lily has had some insane diaper rash for the last two days because her dad felt so terrible about disciplining her. But hopefully, the only thing that will go through Lily’s young mind the next time she wants to play with an electric socket is that she will get a smack on the hand, time out, and two days of overactive bowel movements. No pain, no gain, right?



No Pain, No Gain


  1. Loved catching up. Your party looked like so much fun! We need to get together again soon. Hey, how is Fantasy Basketball going? I keep forgetting to ask Ray how you are doing? Good luck! me

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