no fools today. yesterday- plenty!

April 2, 2011

i had the lamest april fools day today. no pranks. no nothing. i guess my poor husband has better things to do than play practical jokes on his wife. we are officially an old, boring, married couple. 😉

but yesterday was full of much tomfoolery and i just wanted to share some of that with you today.

-i went to pick lily up from preschool. her teacher said that she had another bad day cause a kid tried pushing her off of the slide. no good. her teacher said that because lily never cries or whines at school, her heartstrings really get yanked at when she hears poor lily cry because she has gotten hurt. really? my daughter? never cries or whines? hmmm…

-after school, the kids had their 3 and 4 year well-checks at the pediatrician. so nice being able to go once and get everything done in one visit. the doctor came in, grabbed a book, and immediately started quizzing the kids. i started to sweat. what color is this? what color is this? what is this? what letter is this? yowsers! i did not know there was going to be an exam associated with this doctor’s visit! fortunately the kids got all the answers right! topher even threw in an ‘amarillo’ when she asked about the yellow jelly bean. good boy! but then more question came- do you know how to ride a bike? do you wear a helmet? do you eat chicken nuggets? do you eat broccoli? lily, like the perfect little girl that she is answered ‘yes’ to every question which made the doctor very happy. me too. even though lily lied about every other question… (in my defense- we only ride our tricycles in the backyard and i get serious heartburn when i eat broccoli! i make other vegetables!!)

-just a follow up of the previous paragraph- topher is weighing in at a ‘hefty’ 29lbs and is 36in. they have stopped measuring how big his melon is. he is at the 25th percentil for weight and height. lily weighs 33lbs and is 38in tall, putting her at the 50th and 25th percentile respectively. they each got one booster shot and handled it like… little screaming babies! many looks of sympathy and relief were given as i was exiting the office. i could never work in a pediatrician’s office. there is always at least one kid screaming bloody murder in there. and when i was there, there were at least 2…

-the grand finale for my crazy day yesterday- we went to barb’s for pizza for dinner. chris and i drove seperately to get there, but going home, we caravaned. he was in the van with the kids, i was in the truck by myself. in the truck that has a blown out tail light. in the truck that caught the attention of a bored DPS officer, who thus pulled me over and gave me a ticket and a warning. a warning for the tail light and a ticket for not having my driver’s license on me that was in the minivan in front of me. sadness!!!!!!!!! the worst part was that i also didn’t have my phone on me, and chris had seen me getting pulled over, so he pulled over a few yards ahead of me. i thought about mentioning the fact that my hardworking husband is a police officer too, but i just kept my mouth shut. but then chris told me that i absolutely should have mentioned that i am married to a fellow man in uniform. argh. then i felt even worse. but then chris researched my ticket, and if you are driving without your license on your person in scottsdale or mesa, you can have the fine revoked if you later show proof of a valid driver’s license, which is what i will be doing ten days from now.

so in my list of fools from yesterday: me, for having raised the perfect angel- for preschool only! the doctor, for believing every single ‘yes’ that came out of lily’s mouth. me, for not feeding my kids broccoli just cause i can’t eat it. the police officer who essentially gave me a ticket for nothing. me, for getting pulled over by the police in the first place. i guess i played the fool enough times yesterday that i deserved to have a quiet april fools today.



no fools today. yesterday- plenty!


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