No Complaints

December 3, 2008

It’s December, and I live in Arizona. Things are not bad at all. The weather is perfect- still sunny during the day, and chilly at night. If we were not doing this whole ‘Financial Peace University’ stuff, Chris and I would be doing more golfing (read:we would golf at least once. Right now, no golfing, or extra-money spending is happening at all!) I’ll have to write more about the whole FPU experience. Maybe next week. It’s a 13 week course, and next week is the last one. It’s been a very interesting journey, and something that I recommend to anyone who has a credit card, or any debt.

Jeehon and Sungu are back from Canada, which we are all happy about, especially as Christmas is drawing nearer and nearer! It seriously amazes me that Jeehon and I have been able to spend almost every Christmas together for the last four years, even with our living in different states/countries. (Maybe the more amazing thing is that Jeehon has lived in Texas, Arizona, Korea, Missouri, and Arizona again in the last four years!)

Lily is still not speaking English or Korean, but her own language seems to have developed! She cracks herself, as well as anyone else within earshot, up having pretty long conversations in giberish. Topher is a pooping and scooting machine. Eight months old and still no teeth. Since I am still breastfeeding- I can’t complain about that! Sungu is on the road to being potty trained! (He is 17 months old) He dropped a deuce on the little potty the other day without breaking a sweat. It was pretty awesome.

Chris is absolutely loving his job. Everyday is a new day with new assignments and new bad guys to catch. He is very fulfilled in his day job, and loving being at home with the little ones too. Lily continues to dote on her dad whenever she can. The greatest sadness in Chris’ life is that I beat him in fantasy basketball last week. Which made it the second time this year- since we are in two different leagues with each other. I am actually in first place in one of the leagues (which means I am beating my 3 brothers, my husband, 2 brother-in-laws, an uncle-in-law, and one of Chris’ friends from the Marines.) Seriously- life is good!

Thanksgiving was great. We just finished the last of our leftovers. So sad. I am already counting down the days till we eat crazyhuge meals again for Christmas! I promise- I am not pregnant. I just love me some holiday fixings! And enjoying the chowdown time with family. Of course.

The next couple weeks will be full of busyness, what with parties, and cookies, and shopping. But we will be sure to sprinkle in lots of time for Jesus, cause He is the reason for the season. I know this is a boring post, but nothing new or crazy is going on right now. And that’s not a bad thing!



No Complaints


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