Night Terrors- Mine, Not the Baby’s…

December 16, 2008

Hey, first of all I would like to thank all the ladies for the sympathy and concern from my last post! I appreciate all the support and words of encouragement!
Here’s what happened after my dillusional post from a couple days ago:
-Topher cried for a total of 50 minutes before I went to get him.
-When I gotin there, he was standing in his crib, crying his heart out. So cute! Even at 4am.
-I went in with his bottle, filled with water. He was not happy about it. It took everything in me to not whip out my boob to shut him up (oh my goodness. Did I just sound like a stripper just now or what?)
-He drank some water and proceeded to cry, but it looked like he might fall back asleep, so I laid him back down, which is when he decided to scream and cry even more fervently than before.
-I left the room and tried to lie down in my bed. That lasted for about 10 minutes and then I went back to Topher’s room.
-Picked him back up. Offered him the water again. Was rejected again. Tried rocking him, which did not soothe him even a little bit, I changed his diaper which was superfull from all of his screaming (I don’t know if this is a legit correlation, but I feel like it is) and then I sat with him for a bit.
-He looked at me and I at him, and he appeared to be wide awake, which completely terrified me, so I literally busted out ol’ faithful (read: the milk maker) and Topher was asleep within two minutes.
-I think he woke up again at 6am, then went back to sleep, and then again at 7am. MUCH coffee was consumed that day.
So, Topher won that battle. But has he won the war? Yep. For now. I tried puttin ghim to bed later in hopes that he would sleep for longer, but that didn’t help. He would still just wake up after being asleep for eight hours. And though I felt better when he woke up at 5am instead of 3, it was a lot harder letting him cry for too long because I would be afraid that Topher would wake up the other kids.
Topher and I ‘battled’ it out for three nights, and I know some would say “keep going, you’re already almost there! just a few more nights of crying and you’ll be home free!..” But here’s the thing- I just can’t do it. Physically, or mentally. My nerves were like glass for the last three days. I was a zombie during the day and a frightened mess at night. Not good.
I’ve tried so many different combinations of things that I am convinced for now that Topher just can’t sleep for more than eight hours. I think that if Topher was an only child, then I would keep on keepin on, but he’s not. And I know I was diligent with Lily in the ‘Napping Wars’ (past history: Lily would not nap and I had to train her almost a year ago. Many tears were shed, on her part as well as mine.) But the Napping War and this Sleeping Through the Night War is very different as it is being fought at an entirely more inconvenient time of day, and there are so many extra players to consider here.
So I not only have lost the battle, but I have also lost the war. My white flag is up for now, but I will take it down some time. I don’t know when, but I will surely keep you posted.



Night Terrors- Mine, Not the Baby’s…


  1. gretchen says:

    Maybe he only needs 8 hours of sleep. Or, maybe his tummy can only handle an 8 hour fast? Every baby is different… Don’t be too hard on yourself.

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