Night Showers

January 11, 2008

Surviving being a new mom: doing stuff you don’t like:

I used to hate taking showers at night. I have really thin hair that doesn’t take too long to dry, but I always manage to fall asleep before my hair is completely dry, and then I wake up with poofy hair on one side of my head, and hair that is basically modled to my scalp on the other side. Not pretty. But Lily has come to the point where she does not like being left alone for 15 minutes in her pack-n-play in the morning anymore. So we are back to night showers. And since I cut my hair short over a month ago, my hair is usually in a ponytail so you can’t even tell which side is matted or poofy anyway.

It’s been quite a while since I last wrote. The Holidays happened. Thanksgiving was great. Ate a bunch of good food. Lily got her first two teeth- right on the bottom. SO CUTE. My nephew who is three months younger than Lily also got his first two teeth, in the exact same spot, at just about the exact same time. So. Many. Tears. Fun stuff. Then Christmas came around. Had my mother-in-law, Barb, and Jerry in town. We absolutely love seeing them. And my sister and her hubby and my nephew also were in town, was also great for my soul. So lots of family stuff, lots more good food, good presents, good laughs.

Baby Time!

But now we are in serious baby mode. Chris’ brother and wife are expecting their first baby in about four to six weeks. Then we are due about eight weeks after that. And then one of my closest girlfriends is expecting her first baby, two weeks after that. Then another girlfriend is expecting her first baby, a few days after that! And then one of my other closest girlfriends is expecting her first three months after that! There’s definitely something in the water here…

We all went golfing together on New Years day. Fortunately we only played nine holes, otherwise that golf course woulda gotten some serious requests to put a port-a-potty at every hole. If not every other hole. Anyway, this is definitely a very exciting time to be pregnant- cause everyone around me is pregnant too. There is no shortage of people to go out and eat with. And it’s nice for the husbands to have each other as a support system for when their wives inevitably get a little spastic and hormonal.

Anyway, being the ‘resident expert’ on babies (cause I just had one! and now I’m doing it again!), I have decided to try to use this blog for some random, yet hopefully helpful advice for all my expectant friends.

Night Showers

First piece of advice for new moms: be ready for night showers. And a good haircut. Now I know why most moms have short hair. Although I don’t know if there is a real excuse for the ‘Mama Pama’ that 95% of Korean mothers sport from the minute they have a child to the time they pass on to the next life. Once my kids are old enough to not scream while I am in the shower and risk waking up their dad who just got home from work- I WILL SHOWER WHEN I WANT. Be it morning, noon or night. But until then, I will let Lily dictate when I shower and for how long. And this is how you survive being a young mom.

Mama Pama. AKA Korean Mom Perm. One day I will have one too. We all will. Surviving being a young mom.


Night Showers


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