Next on the LPGA Tour: Not Me

July 4, 2008

I would have posted a picture of myself and my golf bag, but I am not nearly as cute as Lily- early in the morning, nor late at night.

Well, this was supposed to be a crazy week filled with very little Chris Watson time. He works on Friday through Monday. Then on Tuesday he was going to play golf with some guys from work, then he picked up an overtime shift on Wednesday, and so Thursday was going to be our only day together as a family. But his older brother Justin had his 30th birthday on Tuesday and wanted to go golfing. Being all about family and birthdays, there was no way I could not let Chris go. Fortunately, my husband is awesome and he made the golf foursome for Thursday for him, Justin, his other brother Robert, and me! What a doll.

The only problem was getting a babysitter. I used to worry about getting a babysitter for just Lily back in the day. But getting a sitter for two little guys- that sucks. I really hate putting people out, and I feel like leaving two infants with anyone is a serious imposition. But I forget sometimes just how much our family loves me, and Lily and Topher. As always, Grandma Kim and Aunt Bre were both available and excited to watch the kids. Thank the good Lord for family! And thank Jesus cause Chris’ golf buddies cancelled for Tuesday, so we were able to hang out as a family, and then his overtime shift on Wednesday ended up only being half the day! So we (especially the kids) got to see much more of Chris’ mug than we originally thought.

So, we dropped the kids off at their grandparents’ at 9:30am. Our tee time was for 10:07. Being in Arizona is amazing cause you can golf 365 days if you wanted to. In theory. I think the high yesterday was 114 degrees. What the crap were we thinking?!?!? But the higher the temperature highs, the lower the price of a round. Ugh! The price we pay to save some bucks sometimes.

Anyway, we played best ball, which is pretty much the only way to play golf when you are not very good. It was Chris and I against Robert and Justin. This essentially means it was Chris versus his brothers. But Chris likes playing with me cause when my short game is good- it’s pretty good. And that gives him license to be super agressive and make some pretty crazy shots.
I love golfing with Chris cause I get to see my strong, athletic husband in action. Sure, golfing doesn’t look like it requires much athleticism or strength, but it does! Some of the ladies’ tee boxes were about 100- 150 yards in front of the men’s tee boxes, and we still used over 90 % of Chris’ drives. We lost the front 9 cause, well, we both kinda sucked. I would like to use the fact that I haven’t golfed since my birthday (6 months ago) as an excuse for my suckyness. And it takes me a while to get readjusted to playing without my belly sticking out in front (cause I was six and a half months prego last time I went).

Things went a lot better on the back 9, possibly cause my skills kicked back in, but probably cause there were fewer water hazards. (It’s a rule that I lose anywhere from 1 – 4 balls a round to those strategically placed, greedy, man-made lakes and ponds. ) But even in my not doing well, Chris was so patient and even encouraging. Man I love my hubby! He is very competitive, and takes his sports very, very seriously (you do not want to be around him when the Suns lose a game or two), but he manages to keep his cool, even when I am clearly bringing our team down.

After 5 hours of heated (literally) competition, we all walked away as winners. Which again, was only possible thanks to best-ball play. And the general consensus was that from now on, we will only celebrate Justin’s birthday with bowling, or any other indoor activity. Oh, who are we kidding? For twenty bucks a round, we will be doing this again next year.



Next on the LPGA Tour: Not Me


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