Next on the LPGA Tour: Lily Watson

June 29, 2008

Here’s Lily with her newest, and most favoritest toy: a golf set. She got it yesterday and was so excited. Psychotically so. She was swinging those clubs as if fighting demons. Chris had to hide two of the clubs so that she would only have one weapon to play with/hurt people with at a time. But when she’s not just flailing her club in the air and actually trying to make contact with the ball- she’s not that bad! (The second picture is of Lily this morning. After she finished her milk, she got off my lap and went straight for her new toy. Gotta love the bed head.) It’s kind of funny because my mom was asking me the other day ago whether or not I had gotten Lily a golf set yet, right while Chris and I were talking about it. This may look like just a regular $5 toy from WalMart to some of you, but this is no toy- this is our baby’s destiny! With Lily’s South Korean genes, and Chris Watson’s natural athletic ability genes- she is suited for greatness! Watch out world, here comes the female Tiger Woods. And she is only 15 months old.Hopefully, Lily will develop a love for golf, as her father and I have. Topher too. Hopefully our kids will like watching the Phoenix Suns, cause if they don’t- man are they going to be bored and lonely between the months of November and May! (Just joking…) But what if they don’t like the things we like? Or what if we actually lead them to dislike the things we like cause we have pushed it on them too much? Last year I went to a class for parents who were going to dedicate their kids at church. It was really good cause they talked about how if we as parents don’t have dreams for our kids- someone else will. So basically we should think long and hard about the things we want for our kids. This is where a buttload of prayer comes in, because we want what God wants for our kids, so the big question is- what does God want for our kids? And how do we make sure we don’t stand in the way of that? I know it’s hard to see our kids make choices we don’t necessarily want them to make. For instance, Chris decided to work in Iraq for a year in 2004, just a year after the war started. His parents were not exactly pushing him to go for very obvious reasons. But he went, and he helped lead his roommate to Christ. How amazing is that? Chris’ parents could have tried really hard to stop him from going, but they didn’t. Sure he was a grown man at the time, but Chris really values what his parents say to him because of the respect he has for them. So I guess having a good relationship with your kids, and with the Lord is key here. Hopefully the kids will respect our wishes and desires for them, they will reciprocate, and the Lord bless us all as long as we are in His will! Chris and I are trying our best to make wise decisions for our babies. We will try to have God-centered aspirations for our kids, and pray that our kids have the same for themselves. Lily’s name is not biblical, but her middle name is Jaye, after her greatgrandma, who is one of the most God-fearing, daily-praising women I have ever come in contact with. We pray that Lily grows up to be a lot like her. (Her first name is after my mom. Though my mom’s name is not actually Lily, that’s what my dad has always called her. She is fun and full of life. We also hope Lily takes after her Korean grandma.) Topher’s full name is Christopher Joseph Sunjae Watson. The first name obviously being after his dad, who is probably the funniest and sweetest and most talented and most well-liked individual alive. The second name is after Joseph, Jacob’s son. He was a visionary, and hard-working, and above all- obedient to God’s plan for his life. We hope Topher is all of the above. But if you want to get real technical- he is kinda named after Joseph from Andrew Lloyd Webber’s ‘Joseph and the Amazing Technocolor Dream Coat.’ Yes they are based on the same character, but one of them sings and dances and makes Chris Watson Sr. smile like it’s Christmas. Sunjae is Topher’s Korean name. It has to do with being a leader/teacher, and something else that I will have to ask my dad about. Lily’s Korean name is Nara, which literally translates into ‘nation’. Her Korean grandparents have pretty modest hopes for their first grandchild as you can well see… So for now, those are our general hopes and dreams for our kids. Lily- a golfing, delightful, Jesus-praising fool. And Topher, a colorfully dressed, obedient to the Lord, singing-dancing machine. And should they only choose to be one of the three above listed things, hopefully Chris and I will have taught them well enough for them to decide on their own which one is the most (or truthfully, the only one that is) important.



Next on the LPGA Tour: Lily Watson


  1. We want our kids to be Jesus-praising fools too. Thanks for your support of our family and we look forward to hanging out soon and letting all the kids play church together. Ray, Amy, Bella, & Zach

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