New Remedy for Same Old Problem…

October 19, 2009

Guess what? Lily isn’t sleeping well. Again. She is the most sensitive little lady I know (and trust me- I know A LOT of sensitive ladies!) I have read that things like vacations, schedule changes, really any kind of change can affect a child’s sleep. And all those things and more affect my little Lilster. Obviously our two-part-month-long move has affected her some. I will give her that. Then she’s had to sleep in different beds on a few different occassions- like when the Malloys were here last weekend. But I feel like she has had to deal with so much change in the last couple of months, that it should be normal by now, and exhausting, and therefore she should be sleeping like a champ. But alas. Not the case here.

So we have been here for almost four weeks now. And Lily has crawled into bed with Chris and I every night except once. Which is not that big a deal to me, for the most part, I just thought it would bother Chris, since sometimes she sleeps like a fish out of water, and he doesn’t always get a ton of sleep when he is working. But he says it doesn’t bother him, and he would rather that she just ‘grow out’ of wanting/needing to come to our room, rather than us locking her out of it. Fine by me. For the most part.

So Chris’ schedule has been a bit hectic recently. And by recently, I mean the last six monts or so. But Lily is kinda acting like this is a new thing. So she is extra clingy when he is around, and will not go down to sleep if he puts her down for a nap or sleeping at night. She just follows him around like a little lost puppy. It’s kinda cute, and kinda ridiculous. But then when I put her down for sleep or a nap, there isn’t as much attachment, which honestly doesn’t bother me at all. I need my space girl! Go ahead and adore your dada. But I guess with the lack of consistency, she has not been wanting to go to sleep when I put her to bed at night now. And since we live at an apartment now, I don’t feel that letting her scream at the top of her lungs for over an hour is much of an option anymore. For the sake of people not calling the cops on me.

I have read tons of parents’ articles on different methods of getting kids to sleep, and there is a ‘no-cry’ book out, that lists lots of different ‘tricks’ to try on your kids. I can’t remember if this one is from the book, or just froma nother articla I read, but I am going with the ‘sit at the open bedroom door of your child’s room so they can see you and wait for them to fall asleep.’ I was never interested in this one cause it seemed so time consuming before, but I have come to the conclusion that parenting is time consuming, and what’s an extra ten minutes to an hour sitting in front of Lily’s door gonna hurt? I’ve actually gotten some reading done the last few nights!

So we’ve been doing this for three nights, and it’s going pretty well. I think that eventually the kid is supposed to just be ok with sleeping in their room and not needing you to sit there till forever and a day. We’ll see if and when that happens. But for now, this is the new ‘game plan’ we are working on with our sleep-detesting daughter.



New Remedy for Same Old Problem…


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