new! and seriously improved!

January 26, 2015


do you know what I haven’t been able to do for six months? besides being able to up and leave the country, and being able to enjoy more than 24 hours of childless freedom- I haven’t been able to post any pictures to my blog! I thought it was our internet connection- but we got that situation looked at- and still no blog pictures. and then we decided it must be our antiquated and awful computer. so my sweet hubs got me a new and shiny laptop for my birfday! I was sick for my birthday and did not get to go out foraging for free food, which is one of my favorite birthday activities, but I got INSANELY hooked up with some of the absolute best birthday presents a girl could ask for. man my friends and family are amazing!!!

speaking of amazing friends, my phenomenal friend, jenny, took our pics back in November. and they were soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo great! I really really really wanted little j to have beautiful pics to take home with her (wherever that may be and whenever she may happen to have to leave) and jenny delivered big time. and of course- I can’t show you those pics. not because of my computer though- just privacy and protection of my little one.

so here are some pics I can show you. and I seriously restrained myself by only picking 10 to share with you:

Chris Watson. He’s my fave.
tickle tim! I cn share this one beause you can’t really make out J’s face
fantastic mr. topher

& beauties!


an attempt at a family pic without J. she’s standing right behind us.

stop growing up child!

acting, and looking like a little angel.. at this specific moment 😉

our boy! love him so.

jenny! i cannot get over how you capture our family’s heart and soul with your camera! 
 you are amazing and i can’t thank you enough for the fantastic blessing of your friendship,
 and for the incredible honor it is to be able to have your photographic masterpieces on the walls of our home.
for more info about jenny:


new! and seriously improved!


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