Neverending To-Do Lists

August 19, 2008

My mother is the most incredible woman alive. I have no idea how she and all her five children are alive. I think if I had been in her shoes back in the day, I woulda killed someone, or ‘accidentally’ left a kid or three at a far-off McDonalds or something. She moved from Seoul to Edmonton with three kids under the age of 4. Then she moved from Edmonton to Toronto with five kids under the age of 7. And while in Toronto we moved from Scarborough, to St. Clair and Christie, to another apartment a block away from the first apartment, then to East York, and finally back to Scarborough which is where my parents live now. How did she do it??!?!? Here I am, with two kids, my hubby (my dad was around too, and also bore quite the heavy burden!), and my sister and her son. And I have already sworn off ever moving ever again. There are still boxes here and there. Most unpacked, lots only half unpacked. We are still looking for some key items that I am sure we will find in a year or two. We go to Walmart almost every day cause we keep finding out we NEED just one more thing. Yesterday it was another pack of hangers (I have probably bought seven 10-packs already…) Today it was floor lamps since most of the rooms do not have lights in them.

But seriously- how did my parents do this? There is so little time in the day for everything that needs to get done! Both of my parents worked all the time. Fortunately my mom had a store tht we lived on top of. So we saw her lots. And fortauntely she had Asian kids, so working and helping out the ‘family business’ from an early age was to be expected 🙂 Jeehon started working the cash register when she was in third grade I think. She was always such a smart little geek. But with all the times we moved- I don’t have any memories of packing boxes. Which means my parents did it all when we were asleep (read: when they were supposed to be asleep too.)

I think I will call them to tell them I love them and think they are amazing. Dang it. It’s past midnight in Toronto already. Just as well. I have dishes to do, dinner to eat (the kids just went to bed. Jeehon’s at Bible Study and Chris is still at work), toys to pick up, lamps to assemble, clothes to hang (I found my old jeans that I have been looking for over the last two months!) and I have some boxes I should unpack. But first thing on my To-Do list tomorrow- call my parents. (And after that maybe I will go to Dunkin Donuts for a free coffee. Has anyone else been enjoying their week of free coffees or is it just me and Jeehon?)



Neverending To-Do Lists


  1. jenn says:

    hi jihae

    your parents are amazing. and im sure you and jeehon, chris and james will be the same.

    amy and i went to the beaches this weekend, and i couldnt stop thinking about you. i kept telling her, this is jihaes area, she took me here, and here, and here.

    enjoy unpacking.

    hopefully talk to you in the next few days when you are more settled in.

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