nap time

August 21, 2013

the glorious magic of nap time.

lily and topher are at school right now. my mia is napping, and I even have one other baby napping in my room right now. the quiet is heavenly.

I have lots of other things I could be doing right now, but instead I sit. and I write. wait, i’m gonna drink coffee too. cause I can multi task…

excellent. you know what I could use? some chocolate. any chocolate. as simple as a twix bar, or a brownie, or maybe a twx bar melted on top of a brownie, with some marshmallow fluff in between. oh yeah. that sounds GOOD….
but I don’t have any of that stuff in my pantry, so I will continue to write and be content with what I have.
this idea of contentment is a funny one. I have been struggling with it for quite some time. chris and I live on a budget. we don’t hardly eat out, which means i make almost three meals at home every day. (sure one of those meals is cereal and milk, but i still get the bowl and spoon out and then wash em after they’ve been used. all of that goes with the labor that is known as ‘making a meal happen at home.’) anyway, i really want to go out and buy stuff. new shirts, new shoes, a rug for the living room. just stuff. pretty stuff.  but not necessary stuff.
remember how i got a kate spade purse for my birthday from my phenomenally generous and magical sister? i was SO anal about that purse. i wouldn’t put things in that purse that might tarnish that purse in any way. for instance, at church chris would give me his empty travel mug after finishing his coffee and he would say: “can you put this in your purse?” and usually, my response would be “sure”. but when kate came into the picture, my response changed to a firm “no. kate doesn’t hold coffee mugs.”
and then one day, i was having a lot of things go wrong. a lot. i was in my van with topher and mia, and the driver’s side window rolled down but wouldn’t roll back up. all i could see were dollar signs fluttering out of the open window. so i called our car repair guys and they told me to come on over. but before i called them, topher told me he really really had to pee. so i got an empty water bottle and he started to pee in it. cause i am a multi-tasking fool, i called our car guys while i was still holding topher’s personal little urinal. cause i’m awesome like that.
mid way through my conversation with the car guys i started to put topher’s urinal away. why? i assumed he was finished peeing. it had been quite awhile since he started peeing. but you know what they say when you assume something- you just make an ass out of you and me.
so before i knew what was happening, topher was STILL peeing, and wouldn’t you know- he peed on kate.
the horror.
fortunately, my car window rolled back up. and fortunately, it was just a little pee. but it was still pee. but i could hear Jesus laughing at me, cause he has a serious sense of humour. and he was laughing at me and my love for stuff.
“do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moths and vermin destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. (and children urinate) but store up for yourselves treasures in heaven… for where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”
-matthew 6:19-20 (i added the part in parenthesis)
and with that- nap time is over. time to do some serious multitasking now that both littles are awake! and there is a strong chance that pee will be involved, as usual. 



  1. Making me laugh AND think, as usual, sweet Jihae! I won't pee on Kate today.

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