My Two Cents About Weddings

December 5, 2009

i went shopping the other day for about 4 hours. by myself. it was glorious. some of it was grocery shopping (love that wal mart is open till forever.) most of it was Christmas shopping. one thing was a wedding present. i don’t know why people get married in december. it’s not smart. i know this as a person who is constantly shopping for wedding presents in the midst of my Christmas shopping, but i especially know this as a person whose anniversary is coming up in december. i am as stupid as all them other december brides! nobody wants to buy you a wedding present in december!
i’m not saying this as a person who didn’t get a lot of gifts. don’t get me wrong- chris and i got hooked up! BUT, i now feel so sorry for the wonderful people we invited to our wedding who had to do extra shopping in december for us. and i am also kinda sorry i got married on a monday night, cause who really wants to go to a wedding on a weekday when you have to go to work the next day? BUT it saved chris and i a ton of $$$$$! (so i am not that sorry!)
so here are my two cents- if you are planning to get married at some point- DO NOT GET MARRIED IN DECEMBER. january is not necessarily your best bet either. let people’s bank accounts bounce back. go for april when people are getting their tax returns back. unless you have a lot of delinquent friends and family who you know are going to owe on their taxes. cause they are not going to want to buy you a wedding present then either.
i know weddings are about the union between two people, and two families, and yada yada yada. but there are not many occassions where you are going to be showered with gifts in your life after you hit the age of 16. so future brides and grooms (like guys actually read this blog!) plan wisely, know your audience, and have a great wedding, and an even greater marriage (with all your awesome gifts!)
and also, maybe consider getting married on a monday. it may not be the coolest thing to do, but saving money is way cooler than people want to admit.



My Two Cents About Weddings


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