Thursday’s Thing- Wipes

October 8, 2009

Once a week (hopefully on Thursdays) I am going to try to put up a post of my favorite kids things. Today I am going to talk about Wipes. The kind that you use to wipe babies’ butts. And occassionally to clean the floor. I am a fairly cheap woman, no, Frugal, that sounds better, so I have tried quite a few different kinds of wipes cause 1. they are always having a sale on something different! and 2. i have come accross a wipe or two that I have not enjoyed, so I am going to share that with you today!

For the most part I will be comparing wipes on the cost (and I will do bulk sizes, since those are more cost effective anyway) and ability to get the job done (read:remove poo from the crime scene.)

“Up&Up Sensitive Skin Baby Wipes”. This is the Target brand wipe and it is currently my favorite! You can buy a box of 704 wipes for $11.49. That puts you at 1.63 cents a wipe. They are not too thick, and not too thin, and have no scent, and are also wet enough to get the job done. They are amazing for what you are paying for! Plus you have to go to Target to get them, and any reason for me to go to Target is awesome. If this post were actually a high school yearbook, then I would vote these wipes: “most likeable, most likely to succeed, and best dressed.”

“Parents Coice Unscented Wipes” This is a brand that they carry at Walmart and these wipes suck. (I really like their diapers so I am not hating on ‘Parents Choice as a whole, just in part because of their wipes. Diapers will be my post for next week!) They seem thick at first, until you are REALLY wiping poop off of a kid’s butt. Then your finger pokes through the wipe and all of a sudden you have a poop-popsicle finger. DISGUSTING. They just feel dry and gross- and I’ve never even used it on my butt- just my fingers. They are legitamitly ‘unscented’, which is a bonus, but that’s pretty much all they have going for them.
And my girlfriend Erin was just complaining about them to me today, and her issue with them is that the next one doesn’t pop out to greet you when you need it. Bad wipes! Rude and ineffective. I would tell you how much they are per wipe, but I am also having a fight with the Walmart website and can’t find that information. Another big ‘x’ on you bad wipes.
here are some other wipes that have come through the Watson door, and therefore accross some Watson bottoms:
-“Kirkland Unscented Signature Wipes”. These are the Costco brand wipes and they are also a personal fave. BUT, they seem to have raised their price, and that kinda stinks. You can get a box of 900 wipes for $27.99, which puts you at 3.11 cents per wipe. These are, again, truly ‘unscented’, which is nice cause you usually have a lot of other scents going on when you are using wipes. And they never seem to lose their moistness. I used to leave some of these in the car as emergency wipes, and they were always still wet. So kudos to the packaging folks. Though these wipes are kinda expensive, they are so good at getting the job done (read:wiping up poop) that you really use less of them, as opposed to the cheaper ones where you have to use a bunch of wipes to clean up the poop on the baby bottom and your finger.
-“Huggies Naturally Refreshing Baby Wipes”. I find that as a mother, I just want to buy Huggies, cause it’s a name you know and trust. But that trust comes at a price folks. And that price at Costco is 1000 wipes for 34.97, which puts you at 3.49 cents a wipe. Kind of a hefty price for something that you use to smear feces all over. Huggies is really good about sending out coupons, but even with a dollar, or even two dollars off, that’s still over 3cents a wipe. Huggies wipes are thick and moist, but I actually find them to be a bit TOO thick. And the scent of the ‘refreshing’ wipes are a blend of cucumber and green tea, which seems nice. Until your kid has chronic diahrea, or you have three kids butts that you are constantly wiping, and then all of a sudden you associate cucumbers with poops, and then you have ruined eating salads for yourself for the rest of your life. Or until you switch wipes.



Thursday’s Thing- Wipes


  1. What a great post! love to read your blog and it usually makes me smile. Miss you!

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