my buddy hobey

October 23, 2010

here’s hobey again. i’ve mentioned before that i watch this seriously dense bundle of wonderment. but that was back in the day when i only watched him twice a week. we’ve now upped the ante to three times a week- and i am still loving it! or, i am still loving him i should say.

hobey just turned 1 on wednesday and we had the intense pleasure of getting to hang out with him on his very special day. which i love all the more because he had no idea it was his very special day. we went to mc donald’s to hang out in the toddler zone, but we (i) quickly tired of it when hobey found out he loves to climb up the slide and faceplant on the steps. he is 32 lbs of love, which is wonderful to receive hugs from, but not so wonderful to have to lift over and over again for 10 minutes straight, in order to save his face/life. i was also reminded of how crazy it is to have a non-walking child with me when topher said he had to go potty. the toilet at mc donalds is pretty high so topher definitely needed me to lift him up to pee. but i was holding the tank child, and there was no where i could safely place him. so we left.

here’s lily living it up in the short time we were at mc ds.

anyhoo, i love my hobey cause he is one happy boy. i feel like i am from the school of thought of ‘children should be seen, not heard’, but you know this isn’t true when you meet my kids, who are not quiet beings at all. and so i thought about it, and i feel like i have a lower tolerance for noise BECAUSE my kids are kind of loud. the way kids just are. and that’s fine. and that’s also why the idea of watching other peoples’ kids never appealed to me before. before i met hobey that is. i would say 90% of the noises he makes are happy noises. and those are definitely sounds i will never tire of hearing.

i thought and thought of the perfect gift to get my boy. a steak? a cake all for himself? and none of them seemed just right. so instead i introduced him to his future wife. my little friend colbie seems ‘bigger’, mostly beside her pint-sized cousin brielle. but next to hobey, she is a delicate and beautiful little flower.

i hope you enjoy your future husband colbie, i have already started to teach him that doing the dishes and laundry are manly chores. 🙂 and happy birthday to my hobester. thanks for giving me a serious workout- physically and emotionally, three times a week 🙂



my buddy hobey


  1. Christin says:

    Hey Hobey, I think you look buff next to me in your picture. I know we shared a toothbrush already so we are pretty much married, but maybe now that you are one we could get some matching tattoos or something. Can't wait to see you!

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