my baby is 3

March 28, 2011

today topher turned 3. yup, my little baby is 3 now. he woke up at about 3am and tried to climb into bed with us. me and my steel will got out of bed and escorted him back to his bed. but then he said: “mom, can you lay down with me for a ‘ittle while?” and my steel will shattered like glass. so in i went to the little twin bed. i heard chris getting ready for his sprint triathlon at 5:30ish, and lily woke up at 6ish, and then we were out of bed at 6:30. i actually just had to laugh as this reminded me so much of the day topher was born three years ago.

i love my topher so much and the things that come out of his mouth just make my jaw drop. he has started saying: “stupid head” which makes my jaw drop with shame, but he learned it from Lilo and Stitch, which we have stopped watching. that’s a bad example of my jaw dropping though. topher thinks people are beautiful, and when he thinks it- he actually expresses it verbally (you can learn a lot from this little boy men!!!) he tells me i’m beautiful every now and again, and he tells lily often enough too. it’s so sweet. today lily told topher she liked his hair cut, and he told her she was beautiful. my sweet kids. i just need to teach him how to make a few decent meals and how to do the dishes and laundry and he will be ‘perfect-husband-material’ in no-time!

we had a lovely day, filled with donuts, church, lunch with nana (topher’s twin. happy birthday barb!!!), more present opening, watching Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat (topher’s pic) and hanging out at grandpa’s. topher opened the present that chris and i got for him which is a big Ironman action figure. topher’s imagination is so great! i love to watch him play. and he got a book in the mail from his Michelle imo in toronto and he LOVES reading it (having it read to him). we read it about 3 times a day, at least. thanks for the great gift Michelle!

just now as we were getting ready for bed, lily and i sang ‘happy birthday’ to our dear topher one more time, and topher sat on his bed, with feigned embarrassment, and even threw in an ‘oh my gosh’ for good measure. he is turning into quite the ham.

anyway, there is so much i love about my boy. so much. he is so special, so beautiful, so crazy, so wonderful. thank you Jesus for blessing us with such a superson. we are unworthy and grateful for both of our beautiful march babes.



my baby is 3


  1. Shannon says:

    So fun! I loved both the birthday posts and I love your kids so much. Happy Birthday to them both and Happy Birthing Days to you!!! You are an amazing mom. Love you!

  2. Happy birthday, Sweet Topher!! I remember meeting you in the nursery at Sun Valley for the first time and telling Brad that I got to hold the cutest baby ever!! Now you're 3 and still adorable!! Hope your birthday was amazing!

  3. Christin says:

    Sweet Topher we love you so much! Thank you for being one of Cam's best friends that she has had since the beginning! You are such a stud.

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