My 1st 4th of July

July 5, 2008

by Topher Watson

Here’s a picture of my sister and I in our 4th of July outfits. My mom really likes dressing us in matching festive gear. I’m not your little toy doll mom! Anyway, yesterday was my first official swimming party. And I never even got to go in the water because my mom is lame and didn’t want to change into her swim suit. Thanks for nothing mom.

We were over at the Dezagos for a Happy 4th of July/Goodbye Gagnons BBQ. I had a great pork chop via breast milk- delicious! Other people who were not lame played water volleyball, like my dad. He is so cool. But he left early cause he had to go to work early this morning. He took Lily noona (that’s older sister in Korean. My mom gets mad when I just call her ‘Lily’, apparently that is not proper in Korean culture) with him so it was just me and my mom. Sometimes I like not having to share her with my noona. (Sorry I said all those mean things about you in previous paragraph mom. I don’t know what got into me.)

While the cool people swam, I sat (was lying down) inside with my friends (the other picture is of my awesome cousin Gabe, me, Cambry, and Grady) and their moms. They were talking about how I only poo once a week- I nearly DIED of embarrassment! C’mon mom! Some people thought it wasn’t a healthy practice. One lady even suggested that I get some pills shoved up my butt. Someone else even had the audacity to suggest my mom stick her finger or a stick up my butt to get things ‘going’. That literally scared the crap out of me, so I filled my diaper. Are you happy now mom? Geez louise. I guess I will try to have more frequent bowel movements. But I can’t help it, my mom makes Grade A breastmilk and there’s not much waste in there.

Oh yeah, my new buddy Zach Branton had open heart surgery on the 3rd. He’s only a month and a half older than me. His blog is listed on the side of this blog, if you haven’t already- you should check it out. Zach and his parents are AMAZING. and the God we serve is the one who enables them to be so amazing.

So back to the party, after all the swimming everyone came in to say nice things about Marc and Karah who are moving back to Massachusetts (did I spell that right?) to be with their families. I don’t know them that well- I mean I have only been alive for three month people- but my parents have been friends with these nice folks for almost three years. Everyone at the party met through their small group at church. They’ve done lots of things together in the last three years- karaoking, watching Marc and Mike race, baking holiday cookies, having all sorts of parties, and pretty much finding any excuse to gather together to eat and hang out. Thanks to the miracle of the internet, text messaging, and being able to fly (I’ve heard about it, but I won’t believe it till I see it)- these friendships will not be lost.

So, that was my first fourth of July. Pretty fun. Maybe next year I will be able to partake in some of the activities instead of being subjected to lying on a blanket and listening to my mom talk about my poops.



My 1st 4th of July


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