Moving Day!

August 5, 2008

This is going to be superquick. Today is moving day! It started out kinda rough. Woke up at five to feed Topher. I contemplated getting up and moving things cause not everything was packed. We have so much crap it’s incredible! But I went back to bed for an hour and a half. Got up at seven and chaos ensued. Everyone was trying to do a million things at once. Kids were flying all over the place. The highlight was when Sungu stuck his hand in the toilet. Jeehon and I were close enough to see it, but not stop it. He walked out of the bathroom, arm soaked up to his elbow. As we were still inthe midst of ‘Eeeww!!’ing it up, he wiped his face with the toilet water hand, and Jeehon and I nearly threw up on ourselves. Sungu had no idea what was going on, he looked happy and refreshed. I guess he just needed a little water on his face.

I had to leave at 7:45 cause the Cox Cable guy was coming at 8am. I got to our new home, the cable guy came, we chatted about internet and cable, and then he realized we didn’t have any tvs or computers in the house yet. So he left. BOO! That sucked. Have to reschedule. Note to potential movers- make sure you have your computers and tvs at home before the cable guy comes.

So I went back home. Put more stuff in boxes. Guys started showing up. Chris’ Sergeant came, even though he was originally supposed to have some training thing. So great of him to blow that off so that he could help us move in 100 degree plus weather. I love Scottsdale cops! They are so great and helpful. Two other guys from Chris’ squad showed up, as well as our buddy David from church. Praise Jesus. So nice to have helpful friends. Justin and Robert are putting in their brotherly duty hours as we speak. I am over at Chris’ Aunt Susie’s. She watched Topher for a few hours this morning, and is now at a meeting for church. She will be back soon. And she will be watching Topher again. Have I mentioned recently how stinkin incredible Chris’ family is?

So I am taking a break from moving. My arm is killing me cause I dusted all the blinds and washed all the baseboards. I. Hate. Baseboards. And dust. But I LOVE my new house! Thank you Jesus for all the amazing blessings! Oh yeah. And they just shut off our water today. It worked for a bit in the morning while I was still cleaning. But once the pizza arrived- I had no water to wash my hands with! Of course. Fortunately we have a ton of bottled water. A waste of good water, but my hands really really needed to be washed. and now tht I think about it I should probably pee and wash my hands like crazy here at Aunt Susie’s cause she actually has running water.



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