A Mother’s Purse

December 16, 2008

I am not an organized person. In fact, I am a disgusting mess. I never know where anything is, especially my check book when it’s time to tithe. This Saturday at church, I really came face-to-face with the person I have become- a mother. And this epiphany came to me as I was looking through my purse.

Actually, to call it a purse is an understatement. It’s basically a glorified gym bag. It often doubles as a diaper bag (especially if I am just going out with one child. Not quite enough room for stuff for three kids). But if I needed to, I could even put an extra pair of my shoes in it. Oh wait, I have. When I get ‘fancy’ and wear heels, I usually put a pair of flat shoes in this ‘pursething’ when I am ready to call it quits and come to grips with how short I really am. Which is somewhere in the 5’3 range. (I am tall for my family.)

So, I was sitting at church beside my sister, and friend Lanie. Robert and Lindsay were sitting behind. I opened up my purse just to make absolute sure that I did NOT have a checkbook inside. Yup. Definitely did not have one. Then I came across a peppermint taffy candy, my new drug of choice. I fortunately had more than one, so I shared with Lanie and Robert. Jeehon was disinterested in the candy, so I looked for something else that might interest her. No joke, these are all things I pulled out:
-half of a rice cake, with bag fuzzies appropriately stuck to it (which means it was wet at one point, which means one of the kids ate it and put it back in my bag)
-three pens. And I only found these pens cause I didn’t need one at that second. Had I been looking for a pen, all three would have miraculously vanished into thin air
-three lip gloss/balm things. Same magical properties as the pens (as listed above)
-hand lotion. I cannot function without hand lotion
-a little My Little Pony figurine from a Happy Meal
-an empty travel size bottle of Aspirin. I am pretty sure that is Chris’s doing, but the fact that it was in my purse was perfect.
-a grocery list from who knows when
-a granola bar wrapper
and the piece de resistance- A Sock. Not a cute little stray baby sock, but one of mine or Jeehon’s. I don’t know how or when it got into my purse, but there it was. With a piece of granola stuck to it. (I don’t know if the sock had been wet at one point, or the piece of granola. Both being wet from being sucked on by a child of mine is Very Likely.)
So that’s how I role- almost ready for everything, yet not ready for anything (especially tithing) all at once. If you have one foot that gets cold sometime when you are out with me, look into my purse, you may just find what you need.



A Mother’s Purse


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