More New Girlfriends for Lily!

October 22, 2009

lily has some more friends to hang out with! last year was definitely the year of the boys. we had gabe, topher, and grady, and they all fight over cambry, the only girl in our posse born in ’08. but this year has provided a better mix, with corban and greyson being the men of ’09, followed by gretta, zoe, and now brielle, and colbie- who are cousins born two days apart!

brielle is the miracle baby we have been praying for over the last two years. she was born to mike and cindy on oct 7th in an overly ecstatic, and relatively sickening manner (just joking. kinda. cindy just really loved birthing her child, and that’s not even almost common to hear. check out the FULL account of every amazing moment on her blog: MC Brantons, on the sidebar.) she was a ridiculous 5lbs 7 oz, which officially makes her the smallest baby i have ever held. i mean i have ‘held’ babies that small before, they just happened to be in my frickin womb.
the brantons are doing SO AWESOME and we just praise Jesus for that.

colbie is a miracle as well, because i think we all now know that having a healthy and beautiful baby is a miracle! and this little lady, like her older sister cambry, has amazing hair and LOVES TO SLEEP! four hour stints from the get-go. thank you Jesus for that serious blessing! christin is doing surprisingly quite well for having birthed this amazing girl at a hefty 8lbs 4oz. she beat lily by an ounce! and so because i know what that feels like- my hat goes off to you christin.

i went over to bring the brantons and roberts’ food on monday, but i forgot to take a picture of everyone together! so here are some pictures i had, and stole off of facebook. but i would just like to say that when i went over with my kids, lily and cambry were actually playing Together, not just playing with toys in the same room like they used to do! there was a moment where lily had her head on cambry’s lap, and cambry was stroking her hair. I LOVE IT! thanks cindy and christin for making even more fun friends for lily to hang out with!

here is an amazing picture of cindy and her teeny tiny baby! (that i stole off of facebook)
so happy for you guys! so gorgeous- both of you.

here are pics of jeehon and i visiting christin and colbie. yes, christin just had a baby and she looks better than me. whatev…
jeehon just happened to be in town that weekend, and we missed the brantons by 2 hours! the cousins were in the hospital at the same time! precious!!!



More New Girlfriends for Lily!


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