more eating. MORE sleeping

August 30, 2011

i spent the most wonderful 24 hours away from my kids this weekend!

chris and i dropped the kids off with our saint-friends: jeff and mary beth and their 2 girls on saturday morning, and then proceeded to drive for two and a half hours up to heber to hang out at chris’ dad’s cabin with 10 of our closest friends. it was magical. chris and i sipped our starbucks and chatted about work (his), life (ours), and the awesomeness of being alone together. i love my hubs.

the weather was incredible. during the day it was in the low 90s, which may seem hot, unless you are escaping 117 degrees. then 90 is perfect, if not almost a little chilly. our friends started showing up about an hour after chris and i got there and the party started.

we had sandwiches for lunch, then we had ladies’ craft time, boys’ golf and shuffle board time, and no kids were around to ask for more chips, or to complain that they don’t like turkey, or to cut their hair off with any of the six pairs of very sharp craft scissors that were littered on the table along with burning candles and lots of flammable rayon material. it was a nightmare for children, but a dream come true for mothers without kids.

we ate, we laughed. A LOT. we played games. we had smores. we put on sweatshirts. and we slept. A LOT. i think we all went to bed after midnight, and woke up after 9am. NINE AM! phenomenal stuff! everyone there, except the suiters, have young kids. but the suiters are made up of a teacher and a high school pastor, so they have over 100 kids between the two of them 😉 and actually, greg left at 6am to take care of his kids, so i guess that makes him a better parent than the rest of us lazy bums who slept in!

anyhoo, it was a much needed 24 hours away to recharge our batteries, laugh about inappropriate things, and reconnect with friends that we don’t get to see enough of. we are so blessed to have these incredible people in our lives. so super blessed.

thanks wes and kim for letting us use your pimpin cabin. and thanks to the village of people who watched the 9 kids that we left behind.



more eating. MORE sleeping


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