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October 22, 2011

my beautiful husband is in hawaii right now. and i am not. sadness! he is in paradise for a friend’s wedding. i would have gone too if i wasn’t 35 weeks and 5 days pregnant. us and our timing! boo… but because i miss him, i am dedicating another post to him.

on monday, chris’ day off, he got called in to work. he left the house at 5:30am and did not return until about 11pm. that’s a lot of overtime! thanks for that Jesus. a lot of that time was spent sitting around and waiting and watching. not that fun. for a normal person, working 17 hours does not make for a great day. but chris’ day ended off with him tackling an unaware criminal who was so surprised that he peed himself. chris got pee on his jeans as well, and this made for a great day at work. so gross. so crazy.

speaking of chris’ work, if you think about it, chris sounds a lot like a marvel superhero. he even has a kinda secret identity. but he goes off in his special car and fights crime and puts bad guys in jail. a lot like, say batman. and chris has actually convinced our poor son that he is in fact batman. topher is really into superheroes and really into his dad, so having his dad be a superhero is a major bonus.
me: “topher, who is spiderman when he isn’t spiderman?”
topher: “peter parker.”
me: “who is ironman when he sisn’t ironman?”
topher: “tony starks.”
me: “who is batman when he isn’t batman?”
topher: “my dad.”
no joke. chris has really brainwashed this boy!

lastly, i showed this picture to lily a few days ago:

it’s a picture of lily and her cousin zoe.
i guess lily hasn’t seen this picture in awhile, even though we go through old pictures fairly regularly. zoe lives in alabama now, and lily hasn’t seen her cousin in over a year.
anyway, when we look through pictures, we always play the “who is in this picture?” game. so, i asked lily when we looked at this picture, who was in it. lily looks and says: “there’s me, and there’s dad’s other baby.”
i have never before heard lily make the distinction that daddy is caucasian and i am asian. but she fully thought that this caucasian kid in the picture was her dad’s. so hilarious. and so wrong for so many different reasons.

man i love my kids and i love my husband! come back home soon chris!



more chris love


  1. Christin says:

    I'm with Topher. I really think Chris is Batman.

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