Mister Topher is 6

May 15, 2014

Our precious son turned 6 a few weeks ago. (A LOT of weeks ago! my computer keeps shutting down as I get ready to post! oh I hate technology sometimes!!! ok. I just figured out that I cannot add pictures to this post is I actually want it to upload….)

And if I was a little awesomer I would have blogged about that closer to when it happened, but alas, not only did 2013 kick my blogging butt, but so did February, March, and now April of 2014.

Back to my boy. Topher really grew from a sweet little 5 year old, to a more mature, though still pretty nutty little 6.

We just had his 6  year old well-check and he is weighing in at a whopping 40 lbs and 4 oz (which puts him at the 15th percentile) and he is standing tall at three feet and 7 inches, which also puts him at the 15th percentile. I was impressed that he wasn’t lower on the charts, but Chris was not as impressed as I was. That’s ok, cause everything else about Topher’s personality and brain and spirit impress both Chris and I.

So, Topher just learned how to ride his two wheel bike a few days before he turned 6. Lily actually learned how to ride her two wheel bike just a few weeks before she turned 7, which I realize is kind of late for both of them, but we don’t challenge Topher enough physically, and I knew he could ride a two wheeler if we just made him. so we went outside with a balance bike, and a two wheel Spiderman bike that one of Chris’ co-workers gave to him. and we tried to get Topher to balance on the balance bike, which went…ok… and then we got back on the two-wheel bike, and I hit Topher with his ultimate incentive- MONEY! I told him I would give him ONE DOLLAR if he could pedal 5 times on his bicycle. and guess what? he learned how to ride a bike that day!

On to way more important and awesome things- on February 16th, Topher accepted Jesus into his heart. it was just a lovely Sunday at the Watson house, and we had just come home from church and Topher was just full of questions about Jesus. We sat down and read this handy little book that our church gives out to the kids called ‘How to say ‘YES’ to Jesus.’ We read it, and Topher said that he wanted to say YES to Jesus! We prayed about it and invited Jesus into his heart. It was so beautiful. I was so proud of my precious sweet boy.

Topher at the age of 6 still loves Star Wars, and LEGOs, and Lego Star Wars, and is reading little chapter books, and writing hilarious little stories. He is SO AMAZING! the other day he was sitting at the table reading a book for school and he said: “look mom! this book is the same author and illustrator as the ‘No, David, No!’ books!” so I went over and picked up the book he was reading and I looked through all the pages to see where it said that. and I couldn’t find anything. so I asked him how he knew that and he just pointed to the author’s name on the front cover and said: “see? it says David Shannon.” he just remembered the author and illustrator of the other book! he’s so smart.

so, we had his birthday party on his birthday, right after school. it was a pretty small event at Peter Piper Pizza. it was pretty much all of his cousins and our next door neighbors- in other words- lots and lots of blond and blue eyed kids!

we are so blessed to be surrounded by so much awesome family, and friends, and to have such a phenomenal little boy as our son. Love you Topher Loafer!!!!



Mister Topher is 6


  1. Congratulations to Topher on saying, "Yes!" to Jesus! And happy birthday, young man! xo

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