Shasho On A Fesh

July 25, 2015

a few weeks ago we were driving home from our friend’s house. J is two years old, and she LOVES to repeat herself. I don’t know if she thinks we can’t hear her, or if she just loves the sound of her voice, but she repeats herself to the extent that I often want to eject myself out of a moving vehicle.

J: “mom! mia has shasho on a fesh”
Me: “i’m sorry, what did you say?”
J: “mommy! mia shasho on a fesh!”
Me: “i don’t know what you are saying sweetheart.”
J: “mom!! mia has SHASHO ona fesh!”
Me: “OH! Mia has chocolate on her face. yes, I see that now. that’s fine.”
J: “mom! mom! Mia shasho on a fesh.”
Me: “i know. thank you.”
No Joke- she tells me about five more times. shasho on a fesh. shasho on a fesh. shasho on a fesh. shasho on a fesh. SHASHO ON A FESH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Me: “Ok J. Please stop telling me that Mia has chocolate on her face. I know that she does. and its not a big deal. but if you tell me that she has shasho on a fesh one more time I am going to lose my mind. do you understand?”
J: “mom?”
Me: “yes J?”
J: “mia shasho on a fesh.”
Mia: “mom! did you just lose your mind?”
Me: unbuckling my seatbelt and preparing to jump out into oncoming traffic. cause yes, I have in fact lost my mind.



Shasho On A Fesh


  1. Jamie McGrew says:

    Hey, guess what? Mia shasho ona fesh!!!

  2. jwatson says:

    That is Brand New Information!!!! 😁 you're too funny

  3. These comments make me CRAZY, too! Earplugs, chica.

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