ridiculousness of marriage

November 22, 2009

tuesday night i had to pick up and drop off my favorite babysitter, who is unfortunately still about 6 months away from getting her driver’s license. but the nice thing about picking her up is getting to chat with her in the car. she is such a sweet girl, and at the tender age of 15 she has dealt with a lot of drama. her parents have been divorced for over 10 years. both parents have already been re-married again, and are single again. crazy. she spends monday and tuesday at her dad’s, wednesday and thursday at her mom’s, and friday afternoon till sunday with whichever parent is supposed to have her and her sister and brother. wow. supercrazy.

so after she explains all this to me, she asks me if this is my first marriage, or if chris is my second husband. i actually laughed out loud, which hopefully didn’t offend the poor girl, cause she was being sincere. it is VERY unfortunately a legitimate question to ask a 28 year old in this day and age. i have a handful of friends who are on their second marriage, and they are Christian, and they can name the cast of Saved By The Bell. Ridiculousness i say!

but on the flipside of that ridiculous ‘fact’ about marriage, my beautiful grandparents celebrated their 59th wedding anniversary yesterday! that puts us at 1950. right? (my math sucks! i’m asian and i hate math. there! i said it.) they celebrated the day by grilling up pork chops (grandpa’s favorite), watching the movie ‘UP’, and eating pumpkin pie in their wonderfully modest home.

everything about grandma and grandps is wonderfully modest, except for their love for Jesus, and in turn everyone in their lives. that is lavish and excessive in the best way possible. they are so diligent in studying the Word- together, and individually. their relationship with Christ is so real, so alive, and so fresh and new everyday. it keeps them young and vibrant! and boy do they love to share what they know! they did chris’ and my pre-marrital counseling (yup. we talked about sex with chris’ grandparents. a little weird.but great Christian perspective on everything!) they are ready to dish out any kind of advice that may be needed, and Godly counsel at the drop of a dime. they are not focused on the things of this world- a bigger house, a better car, fleeting fashion, etc. etc. they are concerned with people knowing and loving God. they want their kids, and grandkids, and great-grandkids to have Jesus in their hearts, healthy bodies, and happy homes.

i am so thankful for the example that grandma and grandpa have been to me, and the awesome example they set as a married couple who love Jesus, and each other. i am praying that in my kids’ generation- being remarried at 28 is ridiculous, and celebrating your 59th wedding anniversary is common place.

happy anniversary grandma and grandpa. we love you tons!

(this is a picture of topher with his awesome GG and GGpa.)



ridiculousness of marriage


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