Man vs Baby

February 22, 2009

yesterday i was home alone with the three babies. we actually had a pretty great time together. chris was working and jeehon went to bible study. before she left, we gave the kids baths, and jeehon put half pieces of corn-on-the-cob onto a chopstick and Sungu and Lily were occupied with their healthy vegetable-lollipops for half an hour! it was pretty great. for everyone.

i was greatly anticipating bedtime. not cause i wanted to get the kids out of my hair, but because we were trying to get Sungu back on to his regular sleeping schedule. with his dad being here for 18 days, Sungu got the royal treatment! which he deserves, and we are all really glad that James and Sungu were able to spend so much time together. but while James was here, we had a 4:3 adult to baby ratio going on. there was a rover available should anyone need any extra help. but now James is gone, and we are back to man on man coverage. occassionally it’s a zone defense situation, like tonight, when the babies outnumber the adults.

last night was the first night Sungu went to bed without his dad. so chris was the lucky one to put him to bed. and it took 24 minutes of ‘get back in bed’, ‘stop crying. get back in bed.’ chris really held his own. as did Jeehon as she waited patiently downstairs. if there is anything chris is good at, it is wearing people down! in a good way!

so tonight was my turn, and because of chris’ hard work last night, i was able to reap the fruit of his labor in a big way! i put topher down first. then lily. with sungu crying just a little bit harder as he was realizing it was almost his turn. then i laid him in his bed, kept the door cracked open, and stared at him for a few minutes. he totally had me fooled cause i left thinking he was asleep. but of course, he was up again. but there was considerably less crying than the night before, and altogether i had to watch him for about ten minutes. once again, the saying ‘no pain,no gain’ proves to be the mantra for parenting toddlers.



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