Mama Ham

September 7, 2008

My mommy is in town. She got in last Saturday. It’s been a pretty darn good week! For those who don’t know, she lives in Toronto with my dad and three brothers. It is costumary for Korean kids to live at home with their parents till they get married. My bros are 27 and 25. The 25 year olds are twins. Anyway, so she is here till the 11th, which will be a sad day in the Watson/Malloy household.

Before Saturday of last week I hadn’t seen my mom since September of 2007, when I went to Toronto with Lily. Craziness. I have to admit, my relationship with my parents is the best when we don’t live in the same city/country. Absence really does make the heart grow fonder. (Side note, you know when I was younger I thought the saying was ‘abstinence makes the heart grow fonder.’ I guess that is true too though.) My parents drive me crazy with talk of getting my Ph. D (don’t have a Masters yet folks) and I drive them crazy with not getting my Masters. But other than that, we are all good in the hood. There have been numerous times this week that I have wished my parents and I lived in the same zip code though.
My mom is like Santa- kids just love her. Topher has been cracking up at everything she does. When he hears her voice he can’t focus on what he’s doing, mostly eating. Which is never a good thing for me. Lots of milk has gone squirting in his eyes this week. (Is that too graphic? My apologies.) Lily gets really excited when my mom gets her when she wakes up in the mornings. But no one is more excited than me!
Anyway, my mom has been cooking non-stop and we are all loving it. Topher has pooed four times, my psoriasis (a skin thing. it sucks) has been getting better, and I Chris has been stuffing himself silly with kimchi and whatever meat concoction my mom comes up with. We are excited for the day when my parents are retired and living here in the Valley- because by the time that day comes, Barb and Jerry will already be nice and settled here and we will have six grandparents living in the same time zone. Glorious!
(So the picture is of my mom in her natural habitat- in the kitchen with a child strapped to her back. That’s a traditional korean blanket that has two straps that you just tie around your body. Way better than a Snuggli, and way better and cheaper than an Ergo Baby.)



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