loving some men!

May 12, 2010

i would like to start this post off with some great news: i just called jeehon in korea (10:30 pm here, 2pm there) and was delightfully surprised to have james pick up the phone! apparently because emma was born so late, james’ boss told him to take an additional ten days off! how stinkin awesome is that?!?!?!? i usually have some choice words for the military, but today- all those choice words are good ones! thanks army! and thanks especially to you mr.james’ bossman.
and some other men that i am seriously loving (yes i am a married woman, but my husband is ok thati love other men, especially these ones, cause he loves them too!) are obviously the phoenix suns. so happy they swept the san antonio spurs, and on mother’s day to boot. i am all about symmetry, so 17 years ago the phoenix suns made it to the nba finals to face, and eventually lose to the chicago bulls in 1993. (what? they had jordan.) and then 17 years before that, in 1976, the phoenix suns made it to the nba finals for the first time in franchise history to face, and eventually lose to the boston celtics. so basically what i am saying is- we are going to the nba finals this year folks! (i am not even almost smart enough to have spotted that 17 year pattern on my own. chris’ smart cousin, ben, figured it out, cause he is an engineer, and therefore a geek 🙂 gotta love the geeks too though people.)
and obviously, the man i love the most in the whole wide world is my husband. and we have had a great long weekend together! but i think more than anything, the kids really really enjoyed hanging out with their ‘old man’. whenever i go to the zoo with the kids, i have to preface that we will not be riding the carousel, because there is no way that i can go on the carousel and man the two kids by myself. they are always very understanding about it. well, today we went to the zoo with chris, and we happened to have two free ‘wild passes’, which i got for renewing my membership with the zoo. the ‘wild passes’ are awesome cause you can ride the train, carousel, and CAMELS for free all day long!
so of course we went on the carousel. twice. and we (chris and the kids. i was wearing a skirt. not proper camel-riding garb.) went on the camels too. what a great great day!
lily on her crocodile, and topher on his panda bear. if you ask him what he did today, he will tell you he rode a panda bear. he did not care so much for the real, live camel as you can see in the next picture.
lily was all about riding this crazy animal. but mostly about riding it with her favorite guy in the whole wide world.

i finished this post, then cleaned the kitchen, and remembered that i forgot to mention something to this blogpost about amazing men, so i’m back! i just wanted to mention that the last couple of weeks, chris has been a great help in the kitchen- especially on the days when i work. did i say days? i meant ‘day’. as in monday. anyhoo, i keep finding different items in the ‘wrong’ spots (we live in an apartment with very little storage space. the golf clubs happen to have a special spot beside our dining table. i don’t know why. but they just do.) today i found a measuring cup with the kids cups the other day. that was cute, since the measuring cup is plastic and all the kids’ cups are plastic too. but finding things in the wrong spot is a nice reminder that chris emptied the dishwasher and filled it back up with dirty dishes. i am not one to ask for help, especially around the house. instead i like for chris to see what needs to be done and to just do it. and like any normal woman, i occassionally get upset that chris can’t read my mind. but lately chris has been getting better at reading my mind, and i juat wanted to say ‘THANK YOU HONEY!’ did i mention i love this man?!?!?



loving some men!


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