lovely and trouble

April 1, 2012

lily and topher are such special kids. sometimes when they are together- everything is right in the world and they are so good to each other and those around them. and other times the exact opposite is true.

here are my sweet kids at the zoo on topher’s birthday. can’t believe they were big enough to go on th camel by themselves:

lily said to me a few days before topher’s birthday that she wanted to buy her brother a present with her own money. is that not the sweetest thing in the world or what?!?!?! i love her so much! so we took $3 out of her piggy bank and headed over to walmart. she said she also wanted to get him a card so i was looking for the $.97 cards but couldn’t find them. finally lily said that she would just make him one at home, and i told her that was a great idea cause then she would have more money to buy him something.
so we started walking around and i listed some things that i thought she could afford to buy her bro: stickers, a little book, a ball, etc. i didn’t want her to have her hopes up, thinking she could buy a transforemer dream house with just $3. when we got to the big bouncy balls, lily said that’s what she wanted to get for topher. sweet, they were $2.50. she told me to grab a blue one for toph and a pink one for her. i kindly explained to my girl that she only had enough money for one ball. she was perplexed. and then she said to just get a pink one for her. NOOOOO!! not what i wanted her to say. i told her that we came to the store to buy a present for topher today and that if she wanted a ball for herself that we could come back to the store another day. we started to walk away, both of us with heavy hearts, and then lily said she changed her mind- she did want to buy a present for topher afterall. yeah!!!! the world was right again. we went home, wrapped her present, and she made him an AWESOME card all by herself:

then last night happened. i had food poisoning from dinner at the olive garden the night before. major sadness. and chris was supposed to be home all day with me, but he got called into work. i’ve never had lasagna and criminals ruin my day before, but there’s a first for everything. anyhoo, much of the day was spent on the couch and in the bathroom, and when 8pm came around i was so happy that the day was over. i put the kids down and went to lay down, again. i could hear the kids chatting up a storm, but i was too tired to do anything about it. then chris came home and i thought everything was just getting better and better. the kids were excited to see their dad for a few seconds, and then he tucked them back into bed. after a while, we heard quite a bit of commotion and then some crying. when chris went to check on them, the crying escalated.
chris kept saying they weren’t going to get a spanking, but that they just needed to follow him. i knew something good was coming up if he was trying to bring them back to our room for me to see the spectacle:

lily decided it would be a great idea to draw on topher’s and her faces. only problem was she didn’t use a real ‘washable’ marker. the original cries that we heard were from lily when she tried to wash the marker off and saw it wasn’t coming off.
we dumped the kids in the bath and after a LOT of soap and a lot of scrubbing, most of the marker came off. lily kept muttering: “it’s all my fault” and i just kept putting my head down so that the kids couldn’t see how hard i was laughing at their ridiculousness. lily and topher- lovely and trouble, usually both simultaneously.



lovely and trouble


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