September 25, 2009

We are moved in and almost settled in! This has been one crazy week, and I still have tons of stuff to do, so here is a breakdown of this week:
-Sunday, we moved our stuff in to the apartment! Thanks to Barb, Jerry, and Robert for your awesome muscles! And to Lindsay for being so great about Robert helping us to move, and Wes move in to his cabin all of last week. Tis no small feat to hang out with two little kids for a week while your hubby is out helping his family. Thanks Lindsay, you are awesome.
-We were so looking forward to sleeping in our own place, but we held off til monday night cause Lily was pretty sick on Sunday night. Took her to the doctor on monday- she has an ear infection in both ears. Super…
-Monday, we bought a new truck! Smokin hot deal from one of chris’ work buddies. We are now looking to sell our supersweet lincoln town car. We officially own two cars from the same decade! Yippee! Then Mary Beth came over in the evening with her two girls, and at first I thought it might be a terrible idea to have guests in our crazy box-filled place, but she brought pizza, and we had a picnic on the floor in the living room, and it was so perfect. What great family and friends we have!
-Tuesday, we bought a new couch! We now have a place to sit in this apartment of ours. It’s a three seater, but if Lily is sprawled out on it drinkin her milk, one other person can sit on the couch with her. If she lets you.
-Also on Tuesday,Topher dropped a deuce in the bath, while his Nana Barb was watching him and his sister. Lily freaked out and told Topher: “No poopoo in the water. Poopoo in the potty!” The irony of this of course is that Lily still will not poo poo in the potty. But she peed on the potty for Nana! We are gonna give this potty thing a real shot in a week or two!… Back to the Toph. That same night we were putting him to bed, and I decided to change his diaper in his crib. Mistake #1. He peed all over his bumper and sheets. Awesome. As I was changing his bed, Chris was holding our little boy, while he was still naked from the waist down. Mistake #2. Topher peed all over Chris’ leg. So special…
-Wednesday, went to Walmart for some random necessities. Why is it that any time you move, you have to buy a ton of stuff, even when you are just coming from a house where you had every thing you needed?… The worst thing about apartment living is not having the car RIGHTBESIDE your home. Multiple trips from the car to the apartment was annoying to say the least. And trying to get Topher to walk from the apartment to the car is a 15 minute ordeal since he needs to inspect (and lick) every bush, twig, and ant he passes along the way.
-Today, Topher has an ear infection too. Again, so special. The timing. All of it.
But, we are really doing SO GREAT in the midst of all the BUSYNESS, which is the title for this season of life we are presently in. God has been so good to us, and every night, as I lay exhausted in my psychotic mess of a room (I saved this one for last) I have nothing but praises for the One who has given us so much in this little new place of ours.





  1. Way to go on downsizing! We are trying to merge two houses and pack up for furlough. Craziness is the name of the game.
    I can understand how getting to and from the van will be a bit of a hassle. You can always claim it as exercise!

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