Little Miss Lily

September 13, 2009

Lily is not like me in a lot of ways, but she does a mighty great job of immitating me, especially when I am acting like a complete fool. As I mentioned last week, I was in hysterics for most of it. And Lily saw every moment of it! I slammed my fist on the table one night when the kids wouldn’t eat. The next day Lily would smack the table and shake her head in dismay and exhale as loudly as she could. Man I look like an idiot in front of my kids! And when I was crying in front of the kids that same night as the table banging, I was crying at some point in front of them, and Lily looked over at me and said “Kiss? Hug?” Cause in her world, those things make everything better. That’s a good world to live in.

Lily’s fixations of late include ‘Finding Nemo’ and toy cars. We have to tell her that Nemo is napping and that’s why she can’t watch him, and that is a plausible excuse to her. And she loves her little toy cars. She carries them in her purse, she has to have them when she goes to bed, and if she is wearing pants with pockets, there should be a car in a pocket at all times! Sometimes I think Lily is already a very materialistic little girl, but I think she has had a lot of change happen in her short lifetime, so she really gravitates to things she can hold on to and have and control.

Another thing she does that has been cracking me up lately is she is really trying to ‘write’. She sees me doing my devotions at the kitchen table (not everyday, but close!) and she sees me hunched over my journal writing, and so when she gets a chance to hold a pen, she hunches over whatever paper she has, and ‘writes’ really small little figures. Modern day hieroglyphics if you will.

Tonight Chris and I went to our beautiful friend Cindy’s 30th birthday party. Which I want to mention that Mike, her husband, did such a great job planning the party (with help from Christin, who also did a stand up job!) with a travel theme. Way to go Mike! There is almost nothing out there that warms my heart more than seeing a husband making a real effort to do something nice for his wife. Anyhoo, back to Lily though. So Barb came over to watch the kids here at Wes’ house. And we pretty much ran out the door when she got here, and didn’t realize that we didn’t tell her where the kids were sleeping. (This house is giganormous.) Fortunately Barb had Lily. She asked Lily where Toto slept, and Lily showed her. Then when it was Lily’s turn to be put down to bed, Lily asked her Nana for her ‘night’ (which means night light, but actually also means light.) Nana had no idea where it was, so she told Lily that she would leave the door open a crack. As Barb was walking away from Lily’s room, she heard a ‘click’ and the door shut. Lily turned her own night light on, and closed the door for privacy. What a funny little girl.

Anyway, I love my Lily. I know I complain about her a lot. And unfortunately that is my nature- complain and whine! But I love her and I don’t give her enough credit for being a loving and responsible older sister who truly takes care of her brother, and even me and her dad! And she’s only 2 and a half!



Little Miss Lily


  1. Lily, we love you too! …and what great material you have to work with as the years go by. 🙂

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