lily day

September 4, 2010

i was able to spend a lot of time with lily today, which was delightful, though not in the most delightful situation.

the day started off normally enough. we all went to ‘Bounce U’, a fun indoor place to play on inflated slides, and bouncey things. the kids had a gret time, but probably not as great a time as chris. he was running up the slide when no one was looking, and sliding down, getting plastic-burns on his elbows and knees all the while. he was basically a giant kid, and the kids (our actual off-spring) were just cracking up at everything their dad was doing. great times.

then chris took lily to the potty, and that’s when things went south, in a bad way. i was in the girl’s bathroom with topher, which had a shared wall with the men’s room, and we could hear lily screaming her head off. chris came out with a very upset lily. apparently her ‘girly bits’ were very red and as soon as she started peeing, that’s when she started screaming. so we called the doctor.

i took the lilsters to see our pediatrician. we had a great time in the car doing shadow puppets, without shadows. she was in a really great mood. i had some pretty strong reservatinos as to whether or not she could possibly have a urinary tract infection, which is definitely what we thought she might have.

we got to our pediatrician’s office and it was pretty empty! yeah! i actually got there 15 minutes early, and they had us go to the bathroom to try to pee in a cup right away, which was perfect cause we needed the extra time. lily had to pee, but wasn’t about to burn herself again the way she did when chris took her a couple of hours earlier. i gave her lots to drink, tried to coax that pee out with promises of unicorns, ice cream, and jewels. nothing. she was trying so hard. but she was kinda creeped out by my hand under her holding a cup. she kept telling me to put that away. ok. she did poop a bit (glad i put the cup away). and i noticed her bum was a bit red too. after about 20 minutes in the bathroom, we emerged, unsuccessful. oh well.

the nurse called us and asked lily to stand on the scale. 32 pounds! we passed the 30mark! great job lily. then lily looked at the nurse and said: “teacher, i have an oww on my girlie bits.”


we proceeded to the little room, and lily was really excited to be there. i don’t know why. my sweet girl was just in such a great mood! we were having a great time! then the doctor came in, and lily showed her how much Jun Lee loved to spin on the doctor’s little roll-y spinny stool that she sits on (not to be confused with a bowel movement.) the doctor asked lily why she was here, and again, lily said very proudly that she had owwies on her girlie bits. at this time i begged the doctor to fix lily up asap styles cause she was telling anyone with ears that she had owws in her special area, and that just didn’t sound right, even though she said it so dang cute-like!

after a bunch of questions- do we swim in public pools, does she wear nice clean undies (as opposed to crazy leather ones?), has she been crying every time she pees, has she been eating a lot of acidic fruit, we decided that the last question may have been the winner. but the doc still wanted a pee sample, so in we went for more quality bathroom time. we emerged unsuccesful one more time, but the third time was definitely a charm. and it only took like 30 minutes of bribing, playing in the sink, drinking 1.5 sippy cups worth of water, and dancing in the bathroom!

lily was very impressed with how i caught her pee mid-stream in the little cup they had given me. when we gave it to the nurse/’teacher’ lily told her all about my awesome catching skills. good times.

so lily is ‘sick’ cause she’s been eating too healthy! ugh. i can’t win with children’s diets! which is why we had an ice cream break while we waited for her perscription to be filled. and needless to say, this only made my already-happy lily, and my awesome time with her, all the more awesome and happy. unicorns and jewels to follow another day.



  1. Thanks for the laugh this morning…girl bits, too funny! Bella just had this same drama this last week…Oh, girls!

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