April 14, 2011

lily and topher got some colored bubbles for their birthday. they love it. i am ok with it. it fortunately stains the concrete and doesn’t stain clothes or skin.
well, instead of blowing bubbles, they spilled the bubbles on the ground and slipped around in it.

they made a giant mess, had a bath, and all was well. except the poor dog got some pink and blue bubbles on his hair, and he did not have a bath.

then this morning chris took Pug to get his junk snipped. chris left our pink/blue haired dog with these wonderful people at teh humane society for a few hours, and then when he went to pick our dog up, this is what he got:

someone at the humane society saw Pug’s colorful hair and decided to bling our dog out even more. they added these glittery string things that high school girls actually pay money for to get tied into their hair. and our dog got it for free! take that high school girls. and i guess it’s appropriate that now that our dog no longer has his manhood that he should be looking like a high school girl.



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