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May 6, 2010

this week the kids were both sick. just a fever. topher was first, starting on saturday. or friday. he didn’t have much of an appetite (automatic heart break for me. i think it’s a korean thing.) but he was sleeping better. so that was awesome. then tuesday he was feeling great, and then at night, lily got a fever. and she was pissed. awesome. wednesday she was ok with the fever, and even took two naps, and ate ALL of her dinner. so great! and this morning we all woke up at 7:15am! with NO INTERRUPTIONS in the middle of the night!! thank you SO MUCH Jesus! we all really really really needed that.

a few nights ago, when we were getting the kids ready for bed, chris was making faces in the mirror while holding topher. then i told topher to say: “mommy’s pretty”. it’s what i have to do to get a compliment around here! 😉 so topher repeated after me. good boy. then i told him to say: “daddy’s handsome.” and topher said: “daddy’s fat.” it was hilarious. especially since we don’t use the word ‘fat’ very much around here. chubby, yes. ginormous, of course. but not so much fat. chris, who has been lightly training for a marathon, took it like a woman and started to cry. just joking. but he wasn’t happy about the verbal punch in the gut.

 other than that, we’ve been doing the same old stuff- folding laundry (or playing with it. the kids like covering all their extremities with chris’ socks), reading books, playing with playdoh (the picture of topher and i was taken by lily), and cheering on the phoenix suns (or los suns… whatever). oh yeah, and i became an aunt to a new human being yesterday! my next post will be about my new niece Emma Malloy! 



life, lately


  1. erindezago says:

    congrats jihae!! i bet she is beautiful!!

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