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June 3, 2012

 i don’t know why it is so hard for me to write along with the pictures i just now uploaded, so that’s why this post looks like this- i have no idea what i am doing.
so the picture up top is lily, mia, and their sweet cousin emma in matching bathing suits. remember when chris and i said we were going to not find out the gender of our baby when i was pregnant?!?!? crazy talk. if we hadn’t found out then i wouldn’t have been able to buy these matching bathing suits over a year ago!
the picture below is a picture that lily drew of me. flattering, i know. when i saw the picture, i loved it, and then i went into the living room and found a toy that i apparently bear a striking resemblance to… have i mentioned that i love that my kids are artists?!?!?
awesome ice cube trays. they are a bit annoying to get food into (more so than just the regular cube trays) BUT they are so much more beautiful! mia is an eating champ, and i really enjoy making her food, and feeding it to her. i actually just got one of those hand-grinder things so i can give her mashed up bananas and avocados- two of her fave foods.

wow. i seriously have no idea what is going on here…
anyhoo, the kids watched some ‘REAL’ movies with chris last weekend. ‘real’ as in ‘not animated’. he actually just ordered the star wars sextology (omg. is that a real word? there’s six star wars so that makes it a sextology, no? yes?…) anyway, they watched Superman and loved it. actually, topher really liked Superman 1, and not Superman 2- cause in Superman 2 Christopher Reeve has a moment when he is not Superman and so he bleeds a bit and topher is not a fan of that. we have not had the heart to tell him what really happened to the real Christopher Reeve…
and in the picture below, topher is being thrown by his dad on the slip and slide. the weather here in the desert has been in the 110+ and so needless to say- when we are outside, we are wet and/or eating popsicles. the kids cannot ‘work’ the slip and slide to save their lives, fortunately they have an awesome dad who keeps trying to show them, and then eventually just throws them down the darn thing.
(i have not become a more awesome photographer. Instagram is probably my favoritest app!)

here is my son when he wakes up in the morning. stunning. i love him. i love looking at this face. a few days ago he told me about a bad dream that he had that involved some of the cast of ‘my little pony’ coloring pictures that were scary. i love that he watches ‘power rangers’ and ‘my little pony’ and then has nightmares of the latter and not the former.

lily is an artist and an architect. i need to take pictures of her Lego creations. everyday she makes a new condo complex that i believe she will one day design. creative genius she is. and cute to boot!

 i tried to take a picture of this man sitting on the traveling saddle at Texas Roadhouse, but alas, they all came out blurry.  (remember, i am not a photographer) happy birthday wes! so fun celebrating your special day with you!

and finally, my sweet mia moo. she just started crawling, and it’s pretty funny to watch. it’s like an army crawl, but she is a soldier who got shot in the shoulder. i’ll have to try to get some video of that one of these days. she may have teeth coming in, and she may have another ear infection. needless to say- she has not been sleeping well, and so neither have i. so i took this pic to remind myself that she does sleep on occasion. and when she does- it’s so adorable.

actually here is a video that i took a week ago when i was trying to capture my beached whale trying to crawl. instead of capturing a momentous occassion in mia’s life, i captured a regular occurence from my life:

yup. my kids are really social and like company when they are using the ‘loo. and actually, i stopped the video right as lily was saying: “mom, can you wipe my bum?” great times!



life in pictures


  1. Lolly Jane says:

    You are such a cute mom, Jihae! Love your writing.

    What's your Instagram username? I'm on there only recently: lollyjanekelli

    (: Kelli

  2. My cousins are precious! I love their superman pics! 🙂

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