life change

April 16, 2011

the best thing happened to me last week. or maybe it was two weeks ago.

it started with a trip to walmart. i don’t love walmart the way i love target, but it’s half a mile away from our house. so that’s why we were there. but i digress.

we were in the market for more sleep, and were looking to get it by way of room darkening shades. here in the desert the sun shows off its beautiful rays at about 6am. it’s only april. it’s going to get worse ie. earlier. which is not ok.

so we were shopping the copious aisles or walmart and we found some curtains by the brand name of ‘Eclipse’. clever. i think they were $10 a panel. we had to get two. but it was a very very worthwhile investment!!!!!!

eons ago i bought a blackout shade for chris when he was a rookie cop. eons ago! i think we spent like $40 plus for em. they were good. but unattractive. and it probably would have cost more to cover the kids’ gigantic window. then last year when we lived in the apartment, i bought some ‘blackout shades’ that were essentially paper folded into honeycomb hexagons. they were supposed to not only darken your room, but also save you money on cooling and heating your house. those sucked. a lot. i don’t know how much money i spent on that. i was at bed, bath and beyond so i am pretty sure i got 20% off (cause they are always sending those coupons out!) but i still wasted 100% of my money.

now these Eclipse curtains i bought did not pay off on day 1. the kids still woke up at 6:30ish, the time i was resolved to waking up for the rest of my life. but then day 2 and 3 and 4 and beyond happened and we slept in until 7:40ish one day! sure we all went to bed at like 10 the night before, but it was still so incredible! the kids have been sleeping, and even napping, like little exhausted champions.

so if you have some crazy early risers, and you fear the culprit is the giant ball of fire that rises too early for anyone’s own good, then head on over to your local walmart and pick up some Eclipse curtains and experience the same life change i have. good luck and good night. and great morning 🙂



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