liar liar pants on fire

July 12, 2010

my kids have started lying. it’s not good. and by ‘started’, i mean they’ve been doing it for a while now. but today, as i was getting ready for church, topher was hanging out in my room, messing with stuff. as usual. then he dropped two books on the ground and said: “uh oh! noona did it!” it was SO HILARIOUS. cause lily was no where near us! i had to muster up everything in me not to laugh and to tell topher very firmly that it is not ok to lie.

the kids ‘lie’ about stuff all the time actually. their favorite word right now is ‘No’. topher likes to scream it, repeatedly and loudly. lily just likes to say it. even if you ask her ‘do you want some water?’ and she is clearly parched, she will still say ‘no’ if she is feeling sassy, and then when you walk away with the cup of water, she starts crying and says that she wants water. this drives me crazy for so many reasons, but i have tried to explain to her that this is called ‘lying’, cause she is not telling the truth. most of the time, her sassiness overpowers her better judgment.

though it is in our sinful nature to lie, as our pastors often remind us- you don’t have to teach a kid to lie, you do have to teach them to tell the truth, i feel like my kids are at a particular disadvantage because chris is a seriously good liar. this really helps him with his job, which makes me happy. i guess. remember i told you april fools is one of his favorite holidays? it’s cause that’s when his talents are really highlighted. his mom told me a story a couple of weeks ago, and i shared it with some friends over lunch today, and i thought i would share it with you now:
when chris was about 5 years old, his mom left him with her friends so she could go out on a date with chris’ dad. the friends, a wife and husband, took cute little chris to the store. cute little chris was sitting in the shopping cart, politely telling his babysitters that his mom buys him something every time they are at the store. they said ‘not this time’. but they did not realize how persistent cute little chris was. so he continued to badger these poor, kind people, who had unwittingly agreed to babysit cute little conniving chris. well, the babysitters stood their ground with this stubborn little kid they were babysitting, and made it all the way to the checkout counter without buying anything for chris. and at this point cute little conniving chris decided to make these people pay the expensive price for ignoring him and his wishes. he started screaming: “help! help! these people are kidnapping me! they are not my parents!” the lady at the check out just looked at them, shook her head at chris, and told them to go.

chris’ pants are always on fire. and if you really know chris, you know this statement is true for many different reasons.



liar liar pants on fire


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