September 30, 2012

in the midst of all our familyfun-having in los angeles, james, chris, and i managed to take lily, sungu, topher and mia to san diego to go to Legoland. we actually got 3 free adult and 2 free kid passes from a friend, which means we paid regular admission for one kid to get in. which was beyond AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cause let’s be real- it’s about $65 for a kid over the age of 3 to go there, and about $75 for one adult. all prices that we would otherwise NEVER pay to just go to an amusement park.
sungu and topher LOVE legos right now. and lily just loves her brother and her cousin, and also has a good number of legos herself, so this was a serious treat for the three of them. mia was along for the ride and she did SO GREAT! i love this baby. she is so awesome:
yeah. she napped.
sungu and i rode on the ‘helicopters’ together
topher’s favorite part was probably the star wars miniland. topher LOVES star wars (he was very appropriately dressed as you can see) and he loved all these star wars figures entirely of lots of little legos. he wanted a picture with each figure (there were about 12 of them) except for princess leia. he couldn’t care less about her if he tried. funny boy.
this one is the only one he wanted to hold hands with 😉
for some reason, boba fett is his favorite character. boba fett is an assassin… i’m not sure if i should be concerned…
my girls and i met a princess in the enchanted forest!
on a roller coaster that topher equally loved and was terrified of.
i know i dressed her- but this girl rocks my socks off. she is so dang cool!
family pic!

the awesome malloy men 🙂





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