leaving on a jet plane. again and again and again

June 25, 2011

it’s 5:41am and i cannot fall back asleep. i have about a hundred other things i could be doing right now but i am trying to bore myself back to slumberville by sitting in the dark (it’s not dark. the sun is out. dang you desert sun!) with my computer.

i was awoken in the middle of the night by topher who had a bad dream: “sungu drank all the water and didn’t leave any for me. wahhhhh! can i have more water?” topher’s nightmares often involve other people taking his food or beverages. frightening! so i slept the rest of the night with him. then i woke up at 4:40 to send off the boys to the airport. we are all going to toronto today. but not all together.

we have a friend who works at US Airways, and she very kindly gave us two buddy passes. which were about $300 less than the tickets that lily and i had to buy, but still a ton more than what buddy passes used to go for when Jeehon used to get them all the time when she worked for the airline five years ago. ah the good old days!

Jeehon and her kids left our house for toronto on thursday night at 9:30pm. they did not get to my parents house until almost twenty hours later. Jeehon was also flying stand-by on buddy passes. yowsers. apparently there is a lot of ‘weather’ on the east coast, so trying to get there was a disaster. fortunately- chris and topher are on the exact same route! they are going to go to dallas, then to philadelphia, then hopefully get to toronto some time this week. if things go really great- hopefully today! if you’re bored- would you please pray for my hubby and son to make it to toronto today? and if you’re really really bored, please pray that they make it back to phoenix next weekend when we try to fly with lots of other 4th-of-july-weekend commuters.

lily and i bought really wonderful expensive tickets. though paying for them hurt our feelings and our wallet, i am happy to know that Lord permitting, we should definitely be getting to toronto tonight.

we have a long day ahead, but it will be one full of stories, adventure, and prayer! i am really looking forward to blogging from one of my favoritest cities in the world, with my mom’s phenomenal home cooking in my belly, surrounded by my brothers and parents, my sister, her kids, my chris, and our kids. it’s gonna be a great week! i’m gonna come back ten pounds heavier, i promise! see you on the other side.



leaving on a jet plane. again and again and again


  1. erindezago says:

    have fun! When you get back, we NEED to hang out!!

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