May 4, 2010

now that lily is 3 we are on the prowl for a preschool to send her to, but even more pressing- getting her on lists for good elementary schools! (cause the good ones apparently have waiting lists!)

so today i went to a tour at EduPrize, a charter school, that is at stapley and baseline. we don’t really know where we are going to live next year, but this is a pretty ‘central’ location in the midst of houses we have offers on. what is a charter school? i’m still not 100% sure (even after being at a 2 hour presentation!) but basically the state says that if you can ‘do’ education ‘better’ than public schools, then go ahead and give it a try. so EduPrize is a public school, but it’s a little different than ‘regular’ public schools. the 2 awesome things about this school  are that 1. it’s free (cause it’s a public school) and 2. they have a 1:20 ratio for their classrooms. tht’s probably the biggest thing for me. cause whether your kid is a naturally loud, energetic leader, or a naturally quiet introvert, all kids WILL GET LOST in a classroom of 30 kids. how can one teacher really know 30 little kids all at once? i know it’s not impossible- cause LOTS of teachers have to know 30 little kids all at once right now. but they don’t at this school. which is why i like it.

anyhoo, the tour was very thorough. we went into a kindergarten classroom where all the students were at different little stations working on math, or art, or writing, or whatever. it choked me up some that lily is going to be in kindergarten pretty soon! and then topher will be hot on her heels! oh how time flies! fortunately weepy pms was last week, so i was able to hold it together.

the tour took a break in the hallway right outside of the kidergarten classroom. there were shooting stars that each kid had decorated, put their picture on, and written on. each star started out with: “i am a star because…” and the kids filled in why they were a star. each answer i read was beyond amazing!:

“i am a star because:
  -i em gud at sckool”
  – i am a big sister. i have a baby.”
  – i em a gud boy.”
  – i like anmols.”
but the most incredible one had a big sparkly cross foam sticker on it and said: “i am a star because… i am good at gnostics and skool.” no joke. it was incredible. a kindergartner! i can only hope that one day lily and topher are so pious and devout!





  1. chandler christian school is an amazing school and preschool (starting at age 3). its near alma school and chandler. probably not the cheapest of preschools but i think one of the best. good luck!

  2. You can always homeschool too!

  3. That is cute. Did you like it? Think Lil will go there?

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