kindergarten part 2

July 23, 2012

ok. so, i think i mentioned that i picked lily up late on her first day of school. this is another reason she is going to need counseling in the far future. and who am i going to bill? her school! they told me to pick her up on the south curb, but alas- she was waiting on the north curb! it is really hard to get somewhere fast in a school zone! so i got to lily and she was the 2nd last kid to get picked up (i guarantee the other kid’s parents were probably on the south curb too!) lily said she thought i had forgotten to get her. it wasn’t my fault counselor!!!!! her teacher gave me a ‘south curb’ card! argh.

the next day, chris dropped her off cause he had to go to the office and get a ‘north curb’ card. then lily says to chris: “dad- are you going to pick me up today? cause if you do, you have to be smarter than mom! you have to pick me up at the right spot!” i didn’t think she was going to figure out that i am not smart til 2nd grade…

here’s lily’s new favorite pose when taking pictures:

what a ham!
anyway, lily got this shirt fron one of my besties. it was so sweet of her to give lily a shirt (and matching hair clip that you can’t see cause it’s by her pony tail) and lily wanted to wear it for her first day of school. but the sweetest thing about the shirt is the card that came with it. i don’t know if you can see, but the shirt says: “LOVE shines.” and the card that my friend wrote for lily said:
“lily, we are so excited for your new journey! you are going to be such a great student, and you will make so many friends. now is your chance to let your love for Jesus shine! i know you will stand out and stand up for Him. ‘Let your light shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your father who is in heaven.’ Matthew 5:16 we love you!”
honestly, i have such PHENOMENAL friends!!!! i cannot believe how blessed i am to have amazing friends who love me, but also love and shower my kids with love love love. so awesome.
she also got a sweet pencil box from her lovely aunt lindsay. she loves it so much. what’s not to love- it’s hello kitty and from aunt lindsay. the perfect combo 🙂
so, besides the pick up fiasco, everything was great with lily’s first two days of school. oh wait. except that i sent lily to school in flip flops and apparently those are a no-no. oops! i even read the student handbook that explicitly says not to wear flip flops, and i missed that part. but we went out and got lily two pairs of close-toed shoes for less than $5 each! yeah Gap and Target!
i don’t know if you remember when lily went to preschool, but topher totally freaked out when we left lily at school. we did a much better job at preparing topher for lily’s first day of school this time, and it helped that he never got out of the car! and i think it also helps that he has another sister to hang out with at home. honestly- topher does not pay too much attention to mia, but lately- they’ve been pretty cute bffs: 

so funny. but of course- when lily gets home from school- it’s the lily and topher show all over again:



kindergarten part 2


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